GPS-Based FastFoot Puts Team of Runners Against “X”

So you’re pretty good about getting outside and running or jogging everyday, but you are looking for something different.  Might I recommend a new app for you called FastFoot? This GPS-based fitness title will have you changing up your route right away. Here’s how it works: two to seven players compete against each other using their mobile phones. One of you is “X” and your job is to avoid getting caught before the time (25-60 min) runs out. You can use the live radar to see where the other players are whenever you want. The Runners hunting you down, however, can only see your location once every six minutes.  To even things out,  they have the advantage of being able to communicate with each other.

FastFoot comes in two flavors, a free and Premium, although I can’t tell what the difference is from their descriptions. The app is available in iPhone and Nokia versions as well, with all three playing nice with each other.

Here’s a video trailer showing the premise of the game.  Although it’s almost two years old, you get the point.

  • Keith

    Here is the page that explains the differences between the versions.

  • mburfeind – TeleNav

    seems like a fun app – best of all, it gets people outside. i’d be interested to learn what the premium version offers.

  • Tom

    Sorry for the confusion about LITE and PRO versions—the description fields in the Android Market are just too short :-/

    The basic limitation of the LITE version is, that there are only 2 players in a game. But the real fun starts with 3 or more, for which you need the PRO version.

    More PRO features:
    – Voice chat for the team of Runners (like push-to-talk broadcast)
    – The games are streamed live into Google Earth, so your friends can watch you on satellite maps
    – Replays on Google Earth, so that you can review your games and share them

    Have fun,
    Tom from FastFoot

  • David

    Any plan to start putting barcodes in your reviews? Pretty please?

  • Wonder what the X stands for.