Updated Paypal App Hits Market, Adds Bumping Feature

An updated version of the official Paypal application hit the Android Market yesterday, adding new features and general enhancements.  Chief among the changes is the ability to bump phones together to exchange money.  Other improvements include an overhauled UI and the option to set a PIN for a faster log-in. Other features in Paypal 2.0 allow for requesting money, setting payment reminders, and splitting a bill with others. Look for Paypal in the Android Market or scan the barcode below.

Scan to Download Paypal 2.0
  • Theweakend

    …About time

    Also can you “bump” with the iPhone Client and it still work?

  • scoopo16

    Can someone please upload the apk of this updated version. For the unfortunates outside of the U.S of A

  • al

    this app uses ridiculous permissions, like devtools and fine location. not installing this crap.