First Look at New HTC/Verizon World Phone has just received exclusive photos of a new HTC Android phone that will not be released by Verizon til 2011. The Verizon-branded prototype also included a Vodaphone SIM card, indicating that it will run on both CDMA and GSM networks.

Hardware specs include a 4″ screen, 4-row sliding qwerty keyboard, and it is speculated to run a 1.2 Ghz processor. However, this was clearly an early build and specs may change by the time it launches. If a launch of early 2011 is accurate, it should be running at least Android 2.2 at launch.

More photos after the jump!

As you can see, the phone is just about the same size as an EVO, but with a slightly smaller screen.

These exclusive photos were provided to by ADroidian, who runs and is one of the organizers of The Big Android BBQ.

  • TwoWays

    Do want. It’s as if the Nexus and the EVO had a baby, and out came a prodigy child with a keyboard. The red keyboard does seem a bit bold for my taste though.

  • angel one

    …keyboard kinda looks like the failed kin phones… gross

    • nick

      exactly my thoughts!

  • Mike

    This looks like tmo us’s vision maybe htc is going to use tmo and vzw to promote these two as like the same phone diff networks similar to the galaxy s but AT&T probably won’t get One of these htc twins I bet cuz they don’t promote android like the other three
    Btw world phone? What gsm 3G bands? I’m willing to bet tmo becuz they have the same phone basically and that way you cAn just switch em out

  • Hmmm…..1.2 ghz processor? Throw in live wallpapers, front face camera, flash camera, dual cancellation mic and I’ll buy it. Too bad Samsung isn’t making it with their Samsung Galaxy S software/series.

  • tottyrice

    WHAT!!! a 2011 phone by big red and no front facing cam that’s stupid aren’t they rolling out their 4g the same year too….? doesn’t make sense.

  • Shaun

    I was waiting to see the Desire HD, since I’ve been torn between the Legend and the Desire (that aluminium unibody is something else). Was willing to give up on the physical qwerty. But this is the first shot of a dual core HTC, and I’m sold. No tilt? Guess I’ll get one of those beanbag rests.

  • JWH

    An Android worldphone would be nice, but are you sure the SIM slot is for GSM and not for LTE?

  • peter

    Nice. Now if it has WCDMA (for Japan) as well, I may no longer need two phones.

  • great news.
    lots of expectation…

  • Leona.

    This is the phone I am looking for, bet it will not be released with the red keyboard, I would love a bit of colour on my phone, its all black and grey these days, so this is a breath of fresh air, when can I get my hands on one?

  • newmexican

    You mean Verizon is finally catching up with T-Mobile. Their phones work world-wide (except for Japan) for a long time 😉

    • ari-free

      too bad their phones don’t work nationwide…

  • Raaaaaaaandy with 8 As

    Stop with the slideout keyboards already. I’ll just wait for Sprint’s HTC Sabor (10mp cam, 2ghz processor on android 2.5) coming early next year.

  • If it’s dual and not coming out until next year, does that mean this is the Android LTE phone?

    • It could be, Jeff, though what we heard from our source was just that it’s a world phone, no mention of LTE.

  • Name suggestion: Droid Unbelieveable.


  • When will this phone be released? Just dieing to get it. Please tell me when will it be released?

  • Shaun

    Not so sure that this will be so far off. Wondering/hoping this is the Desire Z, as reported in the Vodafone leak at the end of July. Looking at the screen and its inbuilt ‘buttons’, this and the claimed HD are extremely similar. Could HTC be adopting a modular approach?

  • I like iPhone much more than this

    • jake

      ya? well your stupid bitch who doesnt know shit. maybe you should waist your time looking at phones you are incapable of understanding and make me a fucking sandwich

      • teachjake

        Jake… maybe you should learn the difference between waist and waste before you start calling people stupid for merely having an opinion. If I push your avatar will you shut off?

  • Move over Motorola Driod 2. This phone is sure to be a powerful life changing device. Customers with big and small fingers will find that the keybord makes it easy to text and navigate. Blackberry users will be relieved and Driod 2 users will praise.

    Why this phone?
    The full Q physical keybord will allow you to have a full view of the screen when opened. Notice that if you have a Droid X, when using the touch screen keybord you loose almost half of the viewing screen. The 1.2Ghz is the new industry leader.

  • Ugh, really not the nicest looking of phones.

  • Nice phone! Thanks for photos!

  • jgmm

    what is the name of this phone called?