Easy Root Removed From Android Market, App Now Available From Developer’s Site

The developer of the Easy Root application, which allowed owners of the Motorola Droid, Droid X, and Motorola Milestone (your handset must be running Froyo) to easily root their handsets, has announced that his application has been removed from the Android Market.  While this is extremely unfortunate, you had to know this was coming.

Despite this, apparently the application is now live and for sale via PayPal from the developer’s site.  Click here to purchase it.  I am recommending all Android folks to support this guy.  Keep at it developers! This is why Android rules folks!

Source: AndroidSpin

  • brandon r.

    All android should buy not just MOTO Droid . I have an incredible and bought from market b4 removed and emailed dev and got a got an HTC version not yet working . But if we all support him all android users will benefit.

  • jon

    I believe it works with stock 2.1 and 2.2 — the previous version in the Market did.

  • Steve

    Does this root program work safely on the htc evo, there dosen’t seem to be much reference to that model

    • Allan

      @Steve there’s an application called unrEVOked for many HTC phones.

  • brandon r.

    @ Steve. He is still working on the HTC version.

  • Travis

    How about Easy Root for 2.1.

  • Gary

    Is there any way we can contact the dev to see if he has or can make a version for the Sprint Hero? I really want this and would be happy to pay.

  • God Dammit

    This is very strange that Google would remove such an app from their marketplace now that it’s 100% legal to root any phone. I’m not willing to pay money just to get an easy way to root my phone. I would have rather been able to buy this from the marketplace and hit the refund button after downloading the app. I thought the changes in US law meant that phone manufacturers can no longer prevent you from rooting your phone but the manufacturer is not required to provide warranty support if you do.

    • Gary

      Just because it is legal to root a phone, doesn’t mean that the manufacturers have to provide the access for rooting. The only thing that law means is that a phone provider/manufacturer can’t sue/prosecute you if you do gain root access. And they don’t have to provide warranty coverage if you break your phone.