Photos of Supposed HTC Desire HD Surface

Images of the supposed HTC EVO for Europe have surfaced over the weekend (see the photo above).  Also referred to as the “HTC Ace” in Vodafone’s inventory system, the phone is set to be a monster(if it exists that is). It really looks like a blend of the HTC Desire and the HTC EVO 4G. Quite a beast.

According to those in the know, this handset will have a 4.3-inch WVGA touchscreen, Android 2.2, an 8MP camera, 1Ghz processor, 720p video recording, 4GB of storage built in, and aluminum case (just like the HTC Legend) and all the other goodies we now expect. In other words, this will have it all folks.  However, before we jump to any conclusions, we should be honest and let everyone know that this phone may or may not exist.  Just a rumor at this point.

If it is real though, who wants one? Let us know!

Source: Engadget via

  • Michael

    I like how the photo was taken with an iPhone 😉

  • iucidium

    And Voda will f**k it up with bloatware updates

  • hahahha

    lol picture is taken with an iphone

  • iucidium

    *facepalm* damn trolls. Go back to engadget.

  • Think it looks pretty sweet! I like less buttons and a big screen.

  • Random

    He he he, I imagine if everyone’s hopes get crushed, and this come to America

  • Thank you for posting this great blog. The subject is intriguing to me. I hope you post more about it soon. It gave me good deeper insight.

  • Mark
  • ozboy

    Looks great but does it have a face front camera for video calls??

  • hahahha