App Review: Snapper

App Review: Snapper

I have played several flashcard memory style games on my Android devices, but Snapper is one of my favorites so far. Snapper comes in a free,  lite version, and a full version for £0.59 (about a dollar). When you start up the game it has a very polished look. Game play is also very simple.

There are 2 modes available: Normal and Arcade. In the normal mode, you can set difficulty from the options screen and each level gets a little tougher. If you play on difficult, it takes no time at all for your screen to be full of cards to remember. The arcade mode will randomly generate boards both large and small. In this mode, you may start with four cards, then eight, ten, back to four. The normal mode, on the other hand, continues to get tougher with each level. It is timed, and you get bonus for finishing quickly. Snapper also allows you to post your score on Facebook automatically.

There is also an option to save your game during play by pressing the Menu button.  According to Snapper’s website, the differences between the lite and full version are:

  • The lite version is restricted to only the first three levels in normal mode, and only the first level in arcade mode.
  • You cannot save the game in the lite version.
  • The full version allows you to use downloadable image packs, which let you use themed images (cars, flags, etc.) for the cards.
  • The peek bonus feature is disabled in the lite version.

I really don’t have anything negative to say about the game. It’s fun, easy and straight-forward.

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