Augen: Pirated Market for the Kmart Tablet was “Unintentional”


You may remember our post last month about the Augen tablet being sold at Kmart, and how everyone was getting rainchecks?  Well, yeah, it seems that Google never told Augen that they could use their Market on the tablet, and Augen says that they didn’t mean to release the tablet with the Market on it.

Currently, Google has not licensed the Market for any tablet that does not have telephone capabilities, and it seemed odd that a highly unknown company all-of-the-sudden had rights to it.  It seems that it was an “unauthorized” version of it, and Augen told Laptop Magazine it was supposed to have been removed before release, but was “overlooked.” Laptop’s article also includes a letter from the CEO of Auguen, explaining the situation. Google and Augen have reached an agreement to take the Android Market off of all future releases, and that seems to suffice for the time being.  And the version that is out there on the initial batch of tablets doe snot actually work.


  1. Funny. The K-Mart website (8:59am CST) advertises it as “in stock” and claims it can download apps from the Android Market.

  2. It seems that it would make sense for Google to get Augen under a license ASAP since the device is already rooted and anyone buying this is probably rooting it and knows how to get around the Google Market to find their favorite apps and get them on the device.

    Just ordered mine this weekend. Never thought I would be buying a tech product from K-Mart…

  3. If it was supposed to have been removed, but was overlooked, then why were they suggesting (and still are) that the Android Market is available for this device on their website. The App Market they’ve put out for this device as a supposed substitute is a joke.

  4. If it is true that they “didn’t mean” to release it with the Market and that it was “overlooked” I would never want to buy that product. If they could overlook something that big, then how is anyone going to trust them to make sure the software stays updated and working properly? I think they are just trying to save face for blatantly stealing from Google.

  5. I was able to download the kindle app from the market on the day I bought it.
    Later that night I was unable to download anything else.
    I returned it to Kmart a couple of days later when the market still wasn’t working.

    I’m also in the crowd that thinks the ‘overlooked’ excuse was bogus. Their site claims it has market access, the packaging for the device claims it has market access. They were just chancing it.

  6. Can you still use something like app brain? Or where else would I get my apps once I have rooted. I’m thinking about picking one up. I bet the one Kmart here won’t have anyone smart enough to be buying one so I was gonna buzz down and get one. But now idk if I won’t be able to get apps loaded.

  7. Android is open — to be controlled by the oems who choose to use it. All sorts of android phones, to be differentiated from each other, and under the direct control of the telcos, have proprietary UIs (think senseUI), bloat apps, Google exclusions (think bing on the fascinate), and no feedback to the open handset alliance. Yes, android is wide open to market manipulation and user deception. The fact that Mr. Barra of Google has said that froyo is not optimized for tablets is astonishing. He knows that telcos and oems are cramming it onto tablets left and right for the Christmas debt season, but they are passively allowing it because it is OPEN!

    • More likely because it can generate ad revenue. It is only OPEN as long as Google can make ad revenue. That is logical for a company which lives or dies by ad revenue.