Universal One-Click Root Now Available for Nexus One

Nexus One owners rejoice! A one-click root application has now been released for the N1.  According to the developer, the app uses the same exploit that was used to root Droid X.  The best part about this app is that it does not unlock the boot-loader so your warranty is in tact! Woo-hoo!  The app is shooting to be a universal root and is now working on many different Android devices. Click here to see all 12 so far.

Something else we should mention is that this root application also allows for the usage of custom roms.  It really does it all. Khudos to the developer!  If you want the app, click here! To download it you must be a member of XDA-Developers currently. Hopefully it will be hosted on mirror site soon.  Let us know how it goes everyone.  It worked great for me.

Source: XDA-Developers

Image Source: Engadget

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  1. EU
    August 09, 23:51 Reply

    Personally, I quite like the unlocked bootloader symbol on the boot screen though I’m sure this will propel the more cautious N1 owners to root. No excuses now!

  2. ninja4life
    August 10, 01:05 Reply

    can anybody help wit some cool custom roms links??

  3. dave
    August 10, 02:31 Reply

    Brilliant. Anything like this for the Desire?

  4. chrisb
    August 10, 15:05 Reply

    If i use this can i uninstall apps like amazon and twitter? And use apps like titanium backup?
    lastly will i get automatic updates too?

  5. Inspektor gadget
    August 10, 17:59 Reply

    Worked great and allows use of all root apps in market. @chrisb……yes on titanium but no on uninstall of native google apps. This program does an easy basic root but not full root like most of the complex xda programs.

  6. intact
    August 11, 01:26 Reply

    “in tact”? In tact with what?

  7. Miff
    August 12, 12:16 Reply

    This really works!

    I was skeptical about rooting at first, but I just rooted my (unlocked, so no legal worries) N1 running FRF91 and I couldn’t be happier! Only took about five minutes with no loss of data! :D

  8. kay
    January 10, 07:06 Reply


    Do you know how to repair/change the power button without sending to customer service ?

    Is it a part that you can buy online or at electronics shops ?

    I don’t mind to pay but i don’t want to stay even one day without my phone !


    ps: also, do you know any application that will let met simulate the power button to restart or choose airplane mode ? I use Cyanogen mod FROYO

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