WIND Mobile Announces Huawei 8100

Canadian Wireless Provider, WIND Mobile, has posted on their blog that Android has landed in the form of  the Huawei 8100, and they are welcoming our green friend with open arms.  This phone won’t blow by a Nexus One, but it is running Android 2.1 and has some fairly impressive specs for a no-contract wireless provider.  Hit the jump for full specs below!

Device highlights:
• Android™ 2.1
• Full Touch Screen w/ Virtual QWERTY Keyboard
• Built-in accelerometer
• Customizable main screen
• Builit-in Google Maps™ with GPS
• Builit-in Google Search™/ Gmail™/ YouTube™/ Facebook™
• 3.2M pixels camera
• Speakerphone

It seems that the blog has been getting mixed responses by its readers.  Some are very excited about bringing Android over, yet some are begging for more high-end Android phones that are comparable to other wireless providers.  Only time will tell if and when this happens.  For our Canadian readers, do any of you have WIND mobile?  Are you excited about getting this handset? Let us know below!

  • G–

    Android for $160 without a contract.

  • Keith

    I am on a Wind Mobile with a Nexus One. Love it. Truly unlimited voice and data and messaging for $80. That’s the best deal available here in Canada where everybody else usually offers limited time 6GB data offers and no unlimited plans.

    I am not so sure about this phone though. The Huawei dumbphones Wind sourced so far are trash. I have my doubts about a Huawei Android device.

    That said, Wind does not subsidize handsets on contract. They sell the devices at cost, no contract and unlock them after 3 months. So a cheap Android might certainly have an audience here.

  • frank

    the Huawei U8100 wit andriod is really good phone, i’ve watched videos on it online with no lag, and its a great step into the smart phones world without getting a 3 yr contact, people if you wanna get away from your old phones and see what the lil green dude can do for you, look into the Huawei U8100