Best Buy’s Rocketfish Tablet Expected to Run Android

Best Buy recently announced a strategic relationship with Clearwire, which should see the retail giant providing 4G mobile broadband service under the Best Buy Connect brand. As part of the deal, Best Buy will offer a one stop shop and support for mobile broadband devices to take advantage of the speedy 4G network. One such device is likely to be the newly-twitter-leaked Rocketfish tablet.

Best Buy CTO and Geek Squad founder, Robert Stephens, has been a busy bee lately, tweeting out hints about the company’s initiatives. Stephens tweeted back in July that Best Buy was working on an Android 2.2 tablet. Late last week, the CTO shared a pair of images online which showed the device in a powered-off state. Without much to go on, we’re left to assume these two are one in the same. To fuel the rumor frenzy is another tweet from Ben Hedrington, web strategist for Best Buy, adding, “Hint hint… be looking for a little green robot on that Best Buy tablet screen…” with a URL linked to CrunchGear’s coverage of said device.

As with all rumors, we’ll find out sooner or later.  I’d love to see more big name players get involved in the tablet game.  The more crowded, the better.  That is of course, provided these aren’t all Shanzai knock-offs we’re talking about.

Respect knuckles to Androinica

  • Matt

    I’m excited about this, though the device looks a little thick, doesn’t it? It’s hard to picture the profile of the tablet, but it looks like it would be at least twice as thick as the iPad.

    Also, I thought this thing was supposed to have a 7″ screen, but that thing looks a little larger than something that would have a screen that size…unless there’s a bezel even beefier than the iPad’s enormous bezel.

    Lastly, I never heard that Best Buy bought the RocketFish brand. I have a RocketFish device that is nothing like this. It’s a transmitter and receiver that allow me to wirelessly transmit audio to the rear speakers in my home theater. I like it quite a bit, and it definitely has the same branding.

    • Yes, RocketFish is owned by Best Buy now. I have a USB headset from them and have never heard about the brand until I bought it. As for the size of the device, keep in mind that this is a prototype unit. Robert Stephens had mentioned that these pictures are purely a form factor prototype and no hardware is inside. Something of note, however, is that he has also stated on Twitter that it will be Froyo-based and have a forward-facing camera.

      • Matt

        Ah yes, I forgot about the prototype part. I figured it probably wouldn’t be that thick when it was released. I actually wouldn’t mind all that much, but still…

        I’m just hoping it’s 10″ and not 7″. And while normally I’d be pushing for 16:9, I think 16:10 wouldn’t be a bad thing on a device like this.

    • Wes Keown

      Bestbuy didn’t buy RocketFish, Bestbuy created Rocketfish. I was an employee at the time of the creation of the brand and we got to vote on the brandname. Insignia, Dynex, Rocketfish, and obviously Geeksquad branded items are all Bestbuy created brands.