One Click Lag Fix for Galaxy S Phones


The power of the Android community continues to amaze me, as there is now a one-click fix for the lag issues we have been hearing about with the Galaxy S phones out there.  Developed and released by a private individual, it is awesome that we have a platform where the crowd can work on problems together to get them fixed.

In a post on the XDA Forums, Android dev Ryanza announced his fix utility, as well as giving a description of what the fix does to your handset.  The quote from the post:

Details about what this fix does:

Creates a VIRTUAL EXT2 filesystem inside the stock RFS filesystem on the internal SD card, with a 4KB block size. This means that this lag fix creates a buffer between the real filesystem and the android system. This buffer should reduce the amount of disk I/O required for all operations by utilizing EXT2 buffering, as well as not writing file access times to disk, etc. It allows only 1GB for application data at this stage, down from the 2GB of application data when running stock.

Fair warning, while this is fairly simple, it does take some knowledge of the root of your device, and the ability to flash back to some prototype ROMS in case something goes wrong. If you have not noticed anything going wrong with your handset, leave well enough alone. If you are a power user, let us know how this works for you!


  1. I did this lag fix, and and scored a 2142 with quadrant, the phone was flying. it was awesome…. for an hour. then my vibrant quit waking from sleep and I had to uninstall the lag fix. I’m sure the devs will find a way to fix that, so keep watching this one.

    • Matt, it works best from a complete restore back to factory specs. It completely locked up for me as well and I had to restore. Once you restore, root & apply the lagfix then reinstall all your old apps and you should be good to go! I ran a Quadrant test right after installation and a cold boot and I got 2200!


  2. Great to see a fix, but isn’t it disappointing that Samsung finds this lag acceptable for shipping, and that they didn’t tweak the file system in the first place? Embedded Linux developers should know that noatime mount options are a must for flash storage devices.

    Profile early, profile often.

  3. It has been working great on my vibrant, for the past 2 days, my quadrant score is usually over 2000, and hasn’t been below 1600.

  4. Hi,

    I have a few questions please.

    Can I backup my ROM to restore to original state?
    If things go wrong, how best to correct them?
    Will rooting my Galaxy S allow my phone to play wifi hotspot for my laptop?

    Thanks for all the help


  5. One more question, if I download this from the market can it all be done without pc link and do I still need to set the usb settings I see mentioned or can it just download and reboot phone with reload packages.



  6. I have installed and clicked on the “install ext2 tools”. No change; still lags. Is there something that I may have done incorrectly? Please please help. Thanks.

  7. I can install z4root but can’t find the One Click Lag Fix app in Market or in other forums…..
    Can anyone post the file directly here for me to d/l? Thanks heaps.

  8. This works better if using a 2.2 update. I used on 2.1, got like 1650. 2.2, Averaged around 1990. And i push my phone hard. The lagfix stops working well after about a week. All you have to do is unroot and reroot with ryanza’s z4 root, and it’ll run like a dream again.