HTC Glacier GPU Benchmarks Suggest Dual CPU up to 1.5 GHz [Project Emerald]

AlienBabelTech is back at it this week with some more HTC Glacier benchmark details.  While last time around we were treated to the CPU scores of the previously unknown device, this time we are looking at the GPU performance.  And perform it does. According to figures posted on the benchmarking site, this handset could be rocking a Qualcomm dual-core QSD8672 chipset.  In other words, it may be running a dual-core processor up to 1.5GHz.

To be fair, these scores are not 100% indicative of the phone and should be taken with a grain of salt.  Just because it behaves like a third-generation Snapdragon processor doesn’t mean that it is.  AlienBabelTech breaks it down nicely and points out that they are only piecing things together based on the given results.

The GPU score on the HTC Glacier is about 87% of the score of the Samsung Galaxy S using the PowerVR SGX 540 GPU. Samsung has stated that the Hummingbird processor is capable of processing up to 90 million triangles per second (MTPS)…Qualcomm states that the QSD8672 can process up to 80 million triangles per second. So what’s 80 MTPS divided by 90 MTPS ? The answer is around 88% which is almost the same percentage of performance from the above result.

Here’s an interesting tidbit to share: All the previous HTC Glacier stuff from the benchmark site is gone.  Sounds like either someone got in hot water and removed it or HTC stepped in and asked to have it taken down.

  • Aaron

    Headline of “Dual CPU” is incorrect – it’s a dual-core CPU, but it only has one CPU.

  • SGS

    …. And still my Samasung Galaxy S is the better!

    • ari-free

      Yes but Samsung and Powervr shouldn’t be the only options out there. HTC makes many android phones and their sucky gpu’s have hurt Android’s gaming potential. It should be a lot better now that HTC’s got game.

  • I can assure you with gaurantee that this is NOT QSD8672 based 😉

    • reddragon72

      No you can’t… stop trying to be on the inside…. lol

      this however is not the dual core(like how I did that), it is the single core 1.5Ghz CPU. The Dual core QSD8672 only operates at 1.2Ghz. Qualcomm has added the PowerVR GPU to there new single and dual core CPU’s which is why we are seeing similar results with the Hummingbird. Both Samsung and Qualcomm make CPU’s and licence GPU tech from outside companies. Let’s face it making a CPU is a whole lot easier then a GPU. Don’t believe me?? Ask Intel.

      • reddragon72

        Sorry about that, but incase someone caught it I goofed on the GPU name. The new Q processor will be running the ATI Adreno GPU which is very similar to the Power VR line.

  • counsel

    May be… grain if salt… yet, it is. .. news? Facts are what I want.. not fake video like that presented by Sony to show off their ps3 hardware…

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