Motorola Charm Expected to Run $189 [UPDATE 2]


The next Android-powered handset from T-Mobile, the Motorola Charm, has yet to be officially tapped with a price tag or release date.  Rumors have been circulating for weeks that the launch will happen in a couple of weeks with August 25th mentioned time and again.  We’ve seen hints that the phone will be part of T-Mobile‘s back to school promotion possibly with a free-after-rebate deal.  But let’s assume the phone isn’t part of a sale.  What would the cost be?  According to iwebadroid, we can expect it (translated) to carry a $189.99 price point with a 2-year contract, and $309.99 outright.

UPDATE: BUT WAIT!  There’s more!  Our friend Kyle (@TheDroidGuy) snapped a picture of the phone at his local store showing a considerably lower $114 price.  Check his pic after the jump.As a refresher, the Charm features a new form Blackberry-esque factor and features a 2.8-inch touch screen, a full QWERTY keyboard, and a BACKTRACK navigation pad on the back of the handset.  Other details include Adobe Flash Lite, a 3-megapixel camera, pinch zooming, multi-touch, and corporate email capability.

UPDATE 2: How low can you go?  Check out the following image, courtesy of a reader of ours named Adam.  He spotted the Charm at his store with a $75 sticker.  Yeah, we’re as confused as you guys are at this point.

  • $189? For what seems to be more or less the result of a drunken one-night-stand between an old Blackberry and a Motorola “CLIQ™ with MOTOBLUR™”?
    Heck, no. Never falling for MOTOBLUR™ phones again (no matter how much they “de-emphasize” it in the packaging.)

  • Adam

    Hey I live in seattle washington and at the southcenter mall in renton they have the chram list at 74 dollars with 2 year contract I have a picture of it I just need to know how to email it to you guys my email is

  • Josh

    They are going to have to give this thing away, nobody wants a Blur enabled phone after the Cliq 2.1 update craziness.

  • $269 is not a bad price, enough for me to take a 2nd look at that one for my wife it it turns out to be true.

    Of course will have to wait till there’s a decent custom ROM for the thing so we can get rid of blur.