Dyzplatic Android Mini Collectibles Due Back in Stock


So you decided to grab yourself an Android collectible figure for yourself your friend but found they were no longer in stock.  What the heck do you do now?  Just be patient, that’s all.  According to Dyzplastic, the highly-sought-after collectibles should be back in stock today.  But wait, it gets better!  Starting today, the vendor will “adding stock of random, cases, 4-packs, standard green and new blank do-it-yourself Androids to the shop every couple of hours.”  Couple that with a 20 Droid limit per customer, and there should be a bunch of happy customers this week!  As a reminder, the figurines run $7.25 a piece but drop in price as you order larger quantities.


  1. So…they’re about $7.00 each, and I can’t even pick what I want? Or, I could end up getting four that are all the same? Thanks, but no.

  2. Was on their mailing list, so got alerted to an early sale. I’ve got some sitting on my doorstep waiting for me to get home.

  3. Looks like Dan did it right. I woke at 2 am (no good) out of stock. Same story everytime I check–Im glad somebody did get some so we know its true.

    Everybody…whats your fav?

    wouldnt mind having the standrad green–but the copper/red and the black one would be my perfect 4 pack.

  4. They have some right now. I wanted the 4 pack, and was literally at the confirm order button when they sold out of them. Guess I’ll keep on checking.

  5. Man, I got to the confirm page on a 4 pack too. Painfully frustrating. I could’ve got a single green earlier but I want at least a chance of getting the office suit one…

    I can’t believe how much I’m stressing over this!!

  6. hoping to get lucky will not work. you literally had to stalk the website for hours. I managed to snag a case of 16 and a 4 pack. the cases are only stocked like 1 at a time. and the RANDOMS are gone within 45 seconds. I watched them all sell out in less then 1:45. if u refresh at the wrong time u wouldn’t even know they just had cases in stock. good luck to u all.

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