Google Will Announce Market Enhancements Tomorrow


We’ve been wondering all day what Google will be announcing tomorrow, and we now have enough hints to make a fairly confident prediction: they will be announcing enhancements to the Android Market.

First, one of our readers tipped us off to the fact that a couple changes are showing up in the Market tonight. In the screenshot on this post, notice the History and Search icons in the suggestions. Those icons were not there earlier today, and as far as we can remember, the suggestions only previously included terms from your Market search history, not general search suggestions.

Additionally, the timing is about right for the “new payment options” hinted at last month to be announced. We’re fairly sure those options will include carrier billing for more than T-Mobile U.S. customers, who are the only ones who can currently put app purchases on their phone bill.

Delving into the truly speculative, we hope that the Market enhancements announced tomorrow will include a web-based interface and/or media purchases via the Market, both features previewed at Google I/O.

Thanks for the tip to Thomas Riley.


    • Nope, looks like they were right on time considering this is current news. “tweeted”, uhm, if there’s anyone out there like me I read blogs and avoid twitter. So your tweet has probably gone completely unnoticed – sorry. =o

  1. I noticed those icons yesterday when searching for something, but for some reason I just assumed that they had always been there and I was just suddenly noticing them for the first time.

  2. I get the feeling that the announcement will involve something else. These changes to the market do not seem to be such a big deal that Google will be holding a special event to announce them. Let’s wait and see.

  3. Since this has to do with mobile I hope at the last minute they do a “oh and one more thing” then bam they pull out the successor to the Nexus One with stock Android 3.0 on it. 😉

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