NAMCO Brings Popular “Crush the Castle” to Android

Namco Networks, of PAC-MAN fame, have announced this week that their popular Crush the Castle is coming to Android.  If you haven’t heard of the game before, it’s a simple premise: Load your trebuchet up, aim at the castle, and crush it.  The 99¢ game features 90 levels, ten types of ammunition, and a Castle Editor for DIY custom-built castles.  We expect this to be a pretty big hit for Android as Namco’s iPhone version has picked up over 1.5 millions downloads so far.  Read more about Namco and their growing list of Android games at or follow them on Facebook.

Click here to download Crush the Castle.

  • MarkGrld

    Hero struggles to run is using FroydVillain 1.1.9, had to uninstall and refund

  • I played this a couple of days ago, it could have been quite good and enjoyable, but actually it’s terrible. Definitely not worth paying money for.

  • NeoteriX

    …Is this like the poor man’s “Angry Birds?”

  • I played through the flash game and felt like it was a fun way to kill some time. The castle editor adds some replayability and gave me respect for just how tough some of the castles were to destroy. For a buck, this is a good impulse buy while waiting for an oil change, dr. Appt, etc.
    The cheap side of me does wonder if the flash game itself would work find with frash or froyo just as well though.

  • ClintonRH

    PC flash game was fun. This was not. Could be easily fixed by adding a replay button. It’s far too easy for the castle to fall in a way that fortifies one remaining dude in the bottom story that’s very hard to kill. The speed is also very inconsistent on my Nexus One. Some times it swings fast other times it’s slow. Makes it hard to get the timing down perfect. I refunded it. Might consider rebuying it if they make some updates.

  • Check out “Tractus” or “Tractus demo” on the Android Market : it’s much more cooler

  • it was out before the birds