Nightshade Labs Announces Smart Lock 2.0 with Parental Controls [VIDEO]

Earlier today Nightshade Labs pushed out an updated version of their Smart Lock software to the Android Market.  Smart Lock 2.0 features improved security for Android devices and now offers three locking modes – Smart Lock Classic, Child Lock, and No Lock. With Child Lock mode, parents can now control which applications and/or games are accessible by children.  No more deleted emails and rearranged widgets!   Smart Lock Classic provides access to any one app while keeping the rest of your phone behind the Android Pattern Lock screen. This is especially handy in situations where users might listening to music at the gym and looking to skip a track.  And finally, the No Lock mode is there for users who don’t want to be bothered by the lock screen, at all. Your phone can be woken up simply by pushing a volume key!  Smart Lock 2.0 can be immediately found in the Android Market for $1.99 or by clicking this link!

Features found in Smart Lock 2.0 Include:

  • Add Parental Controls to your phone
  • Child Lock any game or app
  • Protect your data when others use your phone
  • Improve security on your phone
  • Instant and secure to the full media player
  • Available in the Android Market for $1.99