Sprint Breaks Down the Difference Between Epic 4G and EVO 4G [VIDEO]

Sprint just published a video online a few moments ago that helps customers figure out which new 4G capable phone is right for them.  Did you know that one has a keyboard and the other one doesn’t?  Yeah!  How about this one… Samsung makes the Epic 4G while HTC produced the EVO 4G!  OK, so we’re kidding here.  Actually, the two minute clip does show some of the better selling features between the two devices such as the display type and media streaming.  Thanks for the walkthrough, Heather! (Video after the jump)

  • Micah

    Video is great and all… but I can’t get past that she talks with her chin in the air.

    • Michael

      HAHA, I noticed and complained about the exact same thing.

    • Tamika


  • Haggie

    Let’s breakdown the difference between a spokesmodel and a man wearing a woman’s wig and lipstick…

    • Wade

      Ummm, you owe me a new keyboard and monitor, because I just spit Pepsi all over mine when I read your comment.

      • AintTellin

        i spilt puke

  • Wayne

    3 ways to send text messages huh? I think they forgot voice input…

  • why can’t some people be at least on par with their own tech, if not ahead of it?! I know, I know… that’s asking allot.

    The EVO is also DLNA capable. OMG Sprint, really. Do you not know your own devices?
    I use my EVO via DLNA daily (’cause I don’t want to pay for a cable to hook it up to my Samsung via HDMI). Sheesh!

    Looks like the only selling points here now are a sliding keyboard (dosn’t that typically make it thicker?) and I suppose the smaller AMOLED screen.

    The software I’m using to connect via DLNA is the TwonkyServer

    There are others out there.

    • stevo

      nice try to tell your self that the evo is not any less of a phone then the epic, news flash your wrong.

  • Jeff

    Other things she failed to mention
    – EVO is thinner
    – Epic does NOT use Sence UI (major reason for me to NOT consider the epic)
    – HDMI cable is far more compatible with more TVs than DLNA
    – EVO has a kick-stand

  • Jeff

    – EVO has a 8 MP camera vs the 5 MP camera on the Epic
    – EVO has dual led flash vs the 1 led flash on the Epic

  • Maverick

    NOT!!!! a sprint spoke person……….no company would put one phone against the other within their line of products.

    Real question is, who’s behind this????????


  • Ricck

    Epic vs evo?why would sprint put on a fight with two of ther own phones? This is fake,,ps,,the evo rocks

  • I love this video. the Difference Between Epic 4G and EVO 4G EVO has a 8 MP camera vs the 5 MP camera on the Epic

  • Steve

    Maybe they are trying to tell us buy the Epic because we aren’t getting anymore Evo. I have been calling like 10 Sprint stores for the past month. They all tell me the same thing, none in stock.

  • Decison

    Ok, it looks like most of the above was written by Evo owners who have no clue about what exactly the Galaxy S or the Epic is…I will admit before starting that I plan to buy an Epic 4g…ok here we go..

    Advantages of the Epic over EVO:
    2x faster processor and more energy efficient
    3-4x better graphics card (It even beats a PS2 in rendering)
    Better Camera
    4″ Super AMOLED Screen (not to be confused with regular AMOLED)(Saves battery life as well)
    3.5mm full screen video out
    Bluetooth 3.0*we are not sure about this*
    Keyboard (If your into that..even though it doesn’t add much thickness some prefer it as thin as possible)

    On quadrant scores after a few tweaks and no overclock quadrant scores of a Galaxy S were 2200+ running Android 2.1

    Now to clear up some misconceptions..

    1) Yes, Epic 4g can do HDMI out..it is done via the microusb port with a wire.
    2) Megapixels != Quality..the camera on the Epic is FAR superior to the EVO..mostly when taking movies..
    3) 2 LEDs or even 1 LED means very little..only thing that really matters is having a Xenflash…but neither have it so deal…
    4) Touchwiz 3.0 is not the same touchwiz as before..give it a shot
    5) To understand Super AMOLED you have to see it for yourself..no video will explain it..
    6) All 1ghz processors are not made the same…this holds true for computers too..notice how the Core i7 are owning the Core 2 Quads even at same clock speeds?

    Now before you argue against what I say is not true..do some research first…

    To be fair:
    As far as specs go..the Epic destroys the EVO straight down but to be fair..its not like an EVO is a bad choice…and whether or not we will get enough ability to test the Epic to its full potential is another story…so far the biggest advantage Epic has as far as the average consumer is improved gaming, battery life, better video playback and once 2.2 you will see advantages in rendering flash..for most other uses it will seem the same…of course things can change a lot with Gingerbread this fall once the whole UI can make use of the GPU. There is also seems to be a plan to add a lot of games with partnership with sony (probably to fight the xbox being on wp7)

    • JJ

      You forgot to add Front Facing 2nd camera.

      On the other hand,
      Evo does have a bigger screen. 4.3″ vs 4″

  • big bob

    Wanna know why Sprint is pushing the Epic over the Evo?

    Evo: $200
    Epic: $250

  • Getmetogo

    Just purchased the Epic and the decision was clear due to the fact that it has a keyboard. Although the Evo seems more user friendly, the Epic is built with better hardward therefore software upgrades are all that it needed to make this phone superior to the Evo.

    By the way, I was in the Sprint store transferring my contacts from my old phone and 3 customers came in with separate issues for their Evo while sitting there for 30 minutes. Not saying that the Epic won’t give me any problems (crossing fingers) but that situation right there was a sign that I made a good choice.

  • ChAsE

    I just traded my evo for the epic and I gotta say it was a great trade. Evo camera sucks. The 8mp look like 3 compared to the epics 5mp. I don’t need a kickstand and the hdmi port on evo is slimited to apps and tvs. Also the .3 inch more on the evo screen does nothing compared to the epics super amoled screen. Oh ya the epic has twice the battery length of the evo.