January 25, 2015

Droid X, Captivate Overclocked

Okay, there are two separate items on similar topics here. First, Elkay, a user over at DroidForums, is claiming that he’s overclocked his Droid X. There’s no proof as of yet, so we encourage you to take this with a grain of salt until it’s confirmed.

Second, BriefMobile reports that developers have managed to overclock the AT&T Samsung Captivate. Apparently, their lag fix “creates a VIRTUAL EXT2 filesystem inside the RFS filesystem on the internal SD card.” This fix reportedly increases your performance by 15-20%. More info on it is available at xda-developers. In addition, another developer has released a 1.2 GHz overclocked kernel for the Captivate. Together, the two hacks yeild Quandrant scores above 2500, though neither is stable at this time.

Man, devs are all over it this week.