Droid Froyo OTA Goes Live

Reports are trickling in about the Moto Droid Froyo update, saying that Verizon has begun rolling out Android 2.2 to the original Motorola Droid yesterday. I know, some of you rooted Droid owners have had Froyo for a few weeks, but this is the first official OTA (over-the-air) 2.2 release. It’s said to bring more speed and stability improvements. No word as of yet on the whether the wireless hotspot feature is included, though Verizon previously said it would not be possible. Verizon was expected to push Froyo to the Droid last week, so they’re a little late, but at least it’s not being delayed by a whole quarter *cough* Moto Cliq *cough*.

Have you gotten your Froyo yet? Is it good? Bad? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Danny

    I received it yesterday it seems a little bit faster as far as the responsiveness of the phone. The browser still seems clunky on certain things but its not a big deal. Its odd because the build number is frg018b opposed to the frg22 everyone thought it would be so o don’t understand why Verizon would push back the ota. Along with that Verizon released it at an odd time of day. I received the update at like 11:20 in the morning and not at midnight like usual.

  • Marc

    OTA came yesterday at 11:30 AM August 11th and my Droid now refuses to move past the M when booting up. Looks bricked……

  • sherri

    Did the manual upgrade yesterday. Very UNIMPRESSIVE. Still no blinking lights while screen is on. Putting phone in dock no longer gives me the message in bar that “phone is connected to multi media station”. Haven’t tried Bluetooth yet….Flash seems ok….not a “gamer” so this wasn’t a priority. Overall, disappointed.

  • ohio droid

    Still have not recived and update.

  • Keith

    Manually checked for updates from Settings menu. No update available. Still running 2.1 Only thing I’m really looking forward to is the Install to SD card.

  • tim

    I did the manual update last week and had to install the flash apk. works fine just wondering if i will still get the ota or if i got everything i need from the manual update?

  • Br3kli

    Still haven’t received update. Although some features like wifi hotspot are available with root. So it doesn’t really matter if it’s included in the update or not.


    nothing yet…tired of waiting

  • Chris

    Received the update yesterday. Overall, nice changes and enhanced speed, but it killed Swype.

    • Jesse

      Uninstall Swype and reinstall it. Worked for me.

  • Victoria

    Still waiting ….. Santa Cruz, CA. ………

  • They did go live with it last week. Mine was waiting for me last Tuesday morning when I got up. The OTA update took only a couple minutes. I’ve been running Froyo (FRG01B) for over a week now.

    I suspect that they halted the update due to a few bugs that I’ve noticed. The big one was the loss of all the audio notification settings. The phone seemed to pick random MP3’s from my system to use as sounds. I had to go in and reassign all my notifications.

    Other than that, everything is working just fine. I find that it’s speedier than 2.1 and not extra battery drain. Wifi tethering would be nice. Having the USB tethering tied to Verizon’s new plan is annoying, but PdaNet takes care of that for as little as I need to tether.

  • brett

    Haven’t got it yet.. Santa Cruz, ca

  • Doug

    Still no Froyo…. Detroit, MI

  • RJ

    Nothing yet – Columbus, Oh

  • nowadroidfan

    No froyo for my Droid, or my Droid X. I cant wait for froyo on my droid X. I hope these updates aren’t buggy.


  • Brooks

    Nothing yet – Chicago. Does anyone know if it’s being released geographically, based on purchase date, or what? Are we sure everyone is even going to get it “soon?” VZW, Purchased 12/2009

  • Jut Burger

    No froyo for me… I’m about to root my phone and just do everything myself in the future. It’s cool and all that they want to make sure that the get all the bugs out and therefore, they delay the update, but from what I’m reading, they aren’t getting bugs out anyway. At least if I root my phone, their may be bugs here and there but no more waiting for VZW!

    • Jut Burger

      P.S. I’m in South Jersey

  • TNDad

    Still no update in Knoxville, TN

  • matt

    No froyo love for me yet in colorado

  • PHawk

    8/12 2:15pm – No Update Yet. Connecticut

  • franco

    no froyo here naples fl

  • No update yet in Seattle: 11:52 AM PDT. I have been running the FRG01B after manual update and hope I will still be notified of the newer update.

    Anyone else who has the update have Danny’s experience of the update being frg018b instead of frg22?

  • Jeff

    No froyo yet. Richmond, va

  • Chris

    Wife has it, I don’t, same account… so they don’t seem to be doing by geography. Boston.

  • Gatch1

    Got FRG01B via OTA two nights ago. No issues so far – quick upgrade, nice improvements for Exchange calendaring. Columbus, OH

  • Jeremy

    No update yet here. Lincoln, NE

    • tim

      jermey i am also in lincoln, ne you can do the manual update and everything works fine

      • Jeremy

        I’ve heard some stories of wierd things happening with the manual update. Though, who knows, the wierd things probably would have happened if they had waited for OTA. At any rate, I’m patient, I’ll wait it out.

  • Shigity

    no Froyo in North NJ!!

  • Kaos

    Doesn’t matter where you live or when you bought it. My coworker who bought his a month after I did recieved the update yesterday. I’m still waiting.

  • Iphone Hardware

    I’m running FROYO on my Iphone 3G! Thanks apple_crack_boy!!!!

    • Tim

      Wow, really!? Fight the power!

  • Nico

    No update yet in Oxnard, California.

  • Brett

    Nothing yet in Escondido, CA

  • MaryLeeS

    Nothing yet in Cleveland…

  • jon

    No update here… my wife got it and we bought the phones at the same time…west Michigan

  • Shigity

    It’s not based on your location, but ESN number

  • Rick

    No update here yet, Omaha NE.

  • Andy

    Nothing for me yet in SoCal.

  • droid

    no froyo in philly, pa

  • D.Bentley

    @Danny: from everything I can find (which isn’t much) FRG22 is likely the version that will be pushed as a second OTA shortly after Flash launches on August 18th

  • Kellie

    No update yet in Va…but my Droid was acting weird today. It said my internal hard drive space was low. And it had no service the first part of the morning. My friend had a similar issue today. Anyone else’s Droid acting weird today?

  • BBrad

    Interesting… my wife got her update yesterday morning. Her phone was purchased about two months ago and mine was purchased when the Moto Droid first released last year, but I have no update yet. – Warwick, RI

  • Ricardo

    I live in New York, New York, and still waiting for a notification. It is August 12th, 2010 and it’s 10:35PM. I can’t wait to get it!

  • re747

    nothing in philly. so sick of waiting. if they are releasing another update (FRG22) in the next month, which it seems that they are, I am praying they don’t just stop this update in it’s tracks and make us wait until then.

  • David steeve

    No update in south jersey 8/13/[email protected] 12:31am

  • Ken

    Mine hit last Tuesday morning @ 3:00 am. FRG01b. Woke me up and then I spent 2 hours installing and playing with it! Love the 5 home screens, apps2SD, auto-update of apps, on-screen camera controls, 8 “recent” list, smooth and fast app drawer-touch, not slide. And – finally…an alphanumeric lockscreen password, instead of the lame “follow the streaks on my screen to unlock me” connect the dots thing. Apps switching is a lot faster, but browser does not seem to be. Had some erratic battery drain issues in the first couple of days, but seems to have stabilized. Lost Swype, re-downloaded the beta and running fine now. Just loaded Voice Activation today (2.2 specific) – absolutely amazing. 2.2 broke the .wav codec, known bug that Moto is fixing (can’t listen to my work voicemails, which are forwarded via email). Anxious to see how Flash 10.1 runs – supposed to hit 8.18. Phoenix, Az, early adopter (Nov ’09)

  • Gabriel

    Nothing yet as for 8/13/10 5:00am
    Green Bay WI

  • Gabriel

    Nope.. 5:10am and still nothing 🙁

  • wendy

    Still waiting in Greenville, SC. From several of the posts, looks like they are rolling it out to girls first in ea family. Of course I like that!

    • eric

      My wife and I have two phones on our account, hers is the primary phone, I got mine around 11:30 AM Wednesday, 8/11, she’s still waiting. I’m waiting to see if she asks me to do a manual update for her 🙂

  • scantron

    I have not heard of anyone getting the update anyday after last Wednesday. Hmmm

  • Larry

    I think it’s being distributed alphabetically by height.

  • Ed

    Still no update for me!!! I have had my phone since last Nov and people that bought them 2 weeks ago have their 2.2 update!! Bummed!

  • Danny

    My froyo came with USB tethering so I don’t understand why everyone is saying it doesn’t. Second froyo is running like shit on my droid and I am conisdering the downgrade. Btw the vzw rep told me that frg22 is coming out later this month or early next month as far as he knows of

    • Siddiqui

      Danny: Yes it does have the USB tethering but if you try it you will know that Verizon will ask you to pay for the internet!!! SORRY…

  • Austin

    I got the update a week ago on mine and my wife’s Droids and my battery life when from 30 hours to under 6 hours. I can just about watch the battery level drop when I use applications. I heard it could be facebook or taskill running in the background. The phone seems to feel warm (like when I would use the GPS Car app) but it’s just sitting doing nothing.

    At times the phone is really quick and others doesn’t respond. When it does run it’s a great update. Boo on Verizon for charging ANOTHER $20 bucks a month for tethering.

    If the battery life thing doesn’t get fixed I might try and roll back to 2.1.

    • eric

      @scantron; I can definitely tell you mine came this week. I’m on vacation, went to beach in morning, 2.1, came back, woke it up and had the notification on my home screen to install update now, install later, or more information.

      @austin, agree about the tethering, saw it in the menu, got excited, enabled and when I connected it prompted me to sign up for a verizon mobile broadband plan.

      Pdanet it is for me 🙂

  • kelly

    I work in a restaurant and nobody who has come in has gotten 2.2. I don’t understand

  • Brooks

    Did anybody else receive their update in the last couple days? Nothing for me…Chicago, Purchased 12/2009. I don’t understand the secrecy. Why don’t they just post something that says, “Here is the plan.”

    Also, I’ve seen the manual upgrade for FRG01b; is there a manual upgrade available for FRG22?

    Just saw this too, not sure how accurate it is: http://www.intomobile.com/2010/08/13/verizon-second-froyo-update-with-flash-10-1-for-the-droid-coming-soon/

    • Joe

      I did the manual Froyo update on my Droid because I got sick of waiting for the OTA. It was a disaster! It ran much slower with lots of lagging between screens (FRG01b). Flash worked but was a separate install. WiFi stopped working after the upgrade. I could not get the WiFi working with 2.2 so I downgraded back to 2.1 using an sbf. The upgrade was easy. The downgrade not so much. I lost all my apps and settings. Fortunately, I had everything backed up but without a rooted Droid, there is no app that does a “complete” backup. While I did not lose any apps or data, I had to manually reset all of my settings and the backup app I used (MyBackupPro) makes you restore each app one at a time. It was about a 6 hour fiasco from start to finish. Now I’m hesitant to install the OTA when VZW pushes it down. Can anyone confirm the WiFi works with WPA2 after the 2.2 OTA upgrade?


  • fred

    I was wondering if I had made Verizon/Motorola mad at me somehow. Everyone I know personally with a Droid has the update BUT me. Makes me sad.

  • brian

    I want froyo already!

    I also want to know if manual install will get the ota

    • eric

      @brian; my brother updated his droid back on 8/3 when the manual update started leaking, and he told me as of 8/15 that he has received no ota update or notification.

  • Danny

    @siddiqui So its still tethering. People say there is no tethering. Also I have had to charge my phone like 3 orr 4 times per day and I have the old facebook app. Froyo is a p.o.s.

  • JuanOffhue

    Got 2.2 for my Droid at 3 a.m. on 08/14. Seems much faster, and I like the new navigation icons at the bottom of the screen. Too soon to tell about battery life.

  • Marlin

    Still waiting. How long is this supposed to take?

  • matt

    @brian: you should still receive the update, seeing as the manual and the ota are two seperate builds. Don’t hold me up on that though. That isn’t 100% certain. If you don’t want to risk it just don’t manual update. You’ll get your froyo soon. Ik I can’t wait for mine 😀 besides either way android is FTW!!!

  • Eric

    I got the first initial Froyo Update.
    Tethering was on it, and I connected it, and it never asked me to sign up for anything, it just straight up worked.

  • ethan

    I haven’t got it by OTA.. I don’t know how long should i wait. maybe i should get it from manual… BTW i have build #ESE81 and no one has this # on this web. I got my droid very first day so.. I just wonder~~. Oh and i live in San Antonio TX~ FYI.

    • broseph

      I also have that build and am still waiting on the OTA. purchased in los angeles, live in orlando

  • rob

    I am getting pissed, still no update
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Mike

    No update. Still have 2.1-update1 ESE81

  • Ed

    Got my Froyo on Wednesday early am…works perfectly! Battery life is great…speed slightly better @ smoother. The new Voice Search is fantastic…can’t wait for the Flash update!

  • Victoria

    Still nada in CA

  • Danny

    My phone is running shitier and shittier every day since the ota.

  • ak

    I haven’t seen the OTA yet (CA, central coast).

  • Brooks

    I’m on ESE81. No update yet. My colleague received his update very early this morning. At least that leaves me hopeful they’re still making updates. I keep hearing 08/18 as a date that Flash is “officially” being released – though everybody is saying their Flash works…and everybody is saying that theirs doesn’t. Amazing how many different stories there are. Also heard the 18th was the date FRG22 was rolling out. If nothing else, history has demonstrated that all this is speculation.

  • Blake

    Aug. 16th 6:15pm in San Diego, CA – No update

    I know it doesn’t run on when you bought it but damn, I was one of the first Droid buyers. I thought there was a possibility. My buddy just bought his 3 weeks ago and got the update on Saturday. His girl also bought it at the same time and she hasn’t gotten it yet. Woo…

  • Steph

    Chicago – hubby woke up yesterday to update at 4:30am. Ota bricked his phone. M screen froze for 5 hours during install.

    Verizon ordered a new Droid to be overnighted. It’s coming this afternoon. I still haven’t received update. Verizon store couldn’t do it for me. The rep swore up and down that my Droid wouldn’t die like my husband’s. Hmmmm

    • Travis

      I got the OTA update last Saturday morning, it bricked my phone too. After performing the download the phone rebooted and could not get passed the black screen with the Motorola “M”. VZ support replaced my phone which I received via FedEx yesterday afternoon. The support person I spoke with said it’s happening to a lot of people. New phone came with 2.1 so I’m back to waiting for the OTA update with little to no assurance that this won’t happen again.

  • Gabriel

    *Update* It’s been 4 days since my last post. STILL NOTHING!! 🙁

  • Macc

    Still waiting anxiously in PA for update…

  • Rob

    Still waiting in DC are for update.

  • Arnold S

    Stop whining

  • Brooks

    <— Whining because I still don't have the update. I assume that if it doesn't happen before 08/19 then we won't be getting it until the FRG22 OTA, which is supposed to follow "in a few weeks."

  • Steph

    My hubby got his replacement refurb from fedex yesterday. The lens cover immediately popped off, so vz ordered another one. The refurb did the 2.2 update within an hour of activation. My Droid is still waiting for the OTA.

  • Jeremy

    My update finally came (Nebraska). I noticed at about 2:00 AM that it was available.

    After installing, I did have some wierd things occuring dragging icons. I tried to drag things to a specific spot and they would just disappear. I later found they ended up in a folder a few panels away. Seems fine aside from that.

  • Courtney

    My mom got froyo this morning. I’m waiting still. 🙁

  • poppywhite

    I installed the FRG01B several weeks ago. Will I still be notified when the OTA update is available. Will it be different than what I have.

  • Marlin

    Finally! I got my update this morning. For your sake, I hope mine was the last one. But if you are still waiting, there’s still hope.

  • Keith

    Woke up this morning and got my Froyo update prompt. I’m about to install it now. I’m in the Northern VA area.

  • Greg

    I was checking here late last night and disappointed that so many of us hadn’t received it… As I picked up my Droid to set the alarm for bed guess what was waiting on my screen! 😉

    I really like it so far…

  • Jackson

    I still don’t have froyo yet. Northern VA area. 🙁

  • Phil

    It was there when I woke up this morning (Maine). No complaints so far!

  • Gabriel

    *Update* After 6 days from my first post (8/13/10), I finally got it (8/19/10). So far it seems faster, but a little bit of a battery hog. Hope you get yours soon guys! 🙂

    • Smish

      Those of you eagerly awaiting your Froyo update beware — I was just like you. Then my OTA update started a few hours ago — and never finished. The “M” screen of death will not go away. Kind of wish I wasnt so eager to update now. Major bummer.

      • Tammy

        I also froze on the “m” once the download completed because it happened, I understand their are flaws in all systems. My problem is it was after closing time for all stores and that is where the call center told me to go. I am without a phone until I take it to a store and I have to spend MY time and gas to fix their mess up. If there was going to be issues just like with anything else new they need to have a better way to resolve it then to make their customers inconvenienced. I am angry. Verizon by phones first option was a refurbished phone. The end.

  • Gabriel

    Forgot to mention.. It did come with the USB tethering. Thanks

  • dailey

    Still no update and its the 20th now!

  • Swagger of a Cripple

    Got the Froyo two days ago, sad that the toted Mobile Hotspot App is only on the X and the new Droid 2.
    I have been USB tethering on easytether and now pdanet for months. But I really want the WiFi tethering so that I can run XBOX LIVE off my droid.
    Heavily considering rooting, barnacle is the app for rooted wifi tethering…

    And I’ve noticed that my battery dies quicker now too, and my 3G has been a little more skittish that usual. BUT, although i’ve grown accustomed to having folders with more apps on my window panes the little dots on the bottom are easier to switch panes than having to swipe. Sometimes my droid is ‘sleepy’ and doesn’t respond right away (Macs do it often and PC’s do it as well) but the dots respond no matter what, so far.

    AND, there’s NO FLASH!?!? I’m still researching how to get it, i thought it was coming OTA with Froyo. One site said its coming OTA by itself sometime after Froyo comes OTA. I did find a FLASH package but its for rooted users, lol. Every disappointment the Big Red continues to mount is bringing me closer and closer to rooting.

  • Swagger of a Cripple

    I’m using a Droid 1, btw :p

  • Gabriel

    For those that don’t have the update yet and are looking forward for flash support

    The flash support is not available yet for the Droid. When you visit the adobe website for the update it sates:

    “Attention DROID users:
    Adobe Flash player 10.1 will be available for your phone late summer. Please check back at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/. This site will redirect you to the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 download in the Android Market as soon as it is available for your device”

    A little disappointed since I was looking forward for it but at least we are getting somewhere. Later guys.

  • jay

    Still no ota update on original Droid. Verizon pushed me to Motorola, they are idiots. Anybody have any suggestions? Tried rooting last week didn’t work.

  • Dev

    did the update yesterday and it destroyed my entire phone. My droid is completely frozen and the guys at verizon had to order me a new one.