Google Mobile Announces Voice Actions and Release of Chrome to Phone

Like the Mighty Casey at Bat, we swung hard at the pitch that Google gave us about the big announcements that had for us today at their presser from the Mobile division.  We predicted that the announcement would have to do with the Market enhancements that were teased during the last I/O conference.  Perhaps it was just wishful thinking on our part, or the fact that we really think the Market needs some serious attention, but either way, we were dead wrong about what was announced today.

So what was all the hullabaloo about?  Google announced Voice Actions and the official release of Chrome to Phone.  Both apps only available to handsets that have 2.2 installed.The announcement today can be seen as a mixed bag, and certainly nothing blockbuster like we were craving.  The Voice Action feature announced today is actually a pretty sweet addition to the voice search built into Android.  Voice Actions allows you to do things like send a text message using only your voice, calling any business in the Google search database with just your voice, and others.  More info will be forthcoming as it rolls out.

The second part of the presser was the official announcement of the release of Chrome to Phone.  While this is a great feature, this is kind of a ho-hum announcement.

Overall, I personally am a bit disappointed, but it shows that I am a release-junkie, always wanting the next big drop.  Next time I won’t get my hopes up so high!

  • Jersey Todd

    Down goes Vlingo. Down goes Vlingo.

    Feels like every improvement to the system is an incorporation of an existing successful app. In this manner, the big G outsources its r/d to the marketplace…

  • DigitalZen

    You didn’t really think that development access was one-way, did you?

  • Havoc70

    Too bad all this is useless to anyone not running Froyo. I hope the telco’s get off their butts and get this pushed out to the handsets ASAP!
    Hello Big Red? Can you hear me now?

  • Max

    Did not read everything on the following web site but how is the “new” announcement any different? See the following:

  • mike

    should make lover to at least android 2.1