Sony Getting On Board the Android Gravy Train

The boys over at Sony have been busy little bees it seems like these days.  First we had the leak about the Android powered Sony gaming phone, and now we have word that Sony is looking for an Android developer to work on their e-reader division. 

Sony had posted a job listing on LinkedIn (which is now taken down), looking for a Senior Software Engineer, focused on Android.  The description went on to say that the SSE would be helping the digital reading group create application software for digital reading and other consumer electronic devices.  This leads one to think that perhaps Sony is taking a look at their shrinking market share in the e-reader business, and is deciding that they can get back in the game if they had a swank Android powered device to put them up against the Kindle and iPad.  Sounds like a good plan to me!

In addition to being versed in Android, the SSE would also need to have some knowledge of working with Mac OS X and Windows development, giving a signal that perhaps Sony is not just thinking about a standalone e-reader, but maybe an app like the Kindle software we can install on our Android phones now.

This is another indication that companies are starting to recognize that Android is a quite a large life raft that can help bring them back into relevance in the electronics market.  If these rumors and assumptions pan out, it would put another major electronics manufacturer squarely in the Android camp.

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