Vodafone Caves to Demand, Rolling Froyo Out in “Seven to Ten Days” Sans Bloatware

The masses have spoken.  Last week Vodafone pushed out an update to their Desire handset and anxious subscribers gobbled it up, assuming it was Android 2.2.  Instead, it was a modified version of Android 2.1 replete with a bunch of  Vodafone 360 branded apps and services.  Needless to say, people got slightly mad.  So they took to their complaints direct the carrier’s front door.  Folding under mounting pressure, Vodafone has decided to adopt a different strategy going forward.  At some point over the next week or two, the carrier will roll out the actual Froyo update with a stock Sense experience.  Should a customer decide they want the Vodafone 360 content, they will be able to download it from the provider.

Can you picture a carrier from the U.S. caving to pressure like this?  Which phone(s) do you think are the worst bloatware offender?

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  1. jdog
    August 12, 11:33 Reply

    LOL Vodafone got seriously pwned now if we could get this type of result with having the option to remove Sense, Blur, etc.

  2. Will S
    August 12, 11:37 Reply

    Absolutely they will, if enough people complain and they think it will cost sales. The Droid X is a great example of one to complain about, though I’m sure AT&T’s Android offerings can top that. But does Blur count as bloatware? It should.

  3. Toyface
    August 12, 12:23 Reply

    This is ridiculous, I swapped from Vodafone awhile back cos of poor customer service, now on o2 with a Desire, this two week till Froyogeddon date looks tasty though, at least my Desire has no bloat. Seriously wish carriers in the UK can get their acts together for Android OTA updates.

  4. DATAjammer
    August 12, 20:50 Reply

    I think the LG GW 620 has a stupid amount of bloat!! It comes as a default with three email applications … It’s got the entire Moxia suite … its a cheap and cheerful Android phone, it doesn’t need connectivity to Exchange with all the gubbins that comes with it.

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