ASUS Eee Android Pad Coming in March is reporting that ASUS Chief Jerry Shen is confirming that they are indeed planning on releasing an Eee Android tablet next March!  He would not give details about the device hardware specifics, but he did say that they had redirected their Smartphone division to give this tablet some love.

The price should come in at $399 or lower, which is a really good indication that they are positioning this tablet to compete with the iPad, which is exactly what they need to do to succeed.

Looking forward to seeing this tablet drop!

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  1. udtsealcap
    August 13, 16:22 Reply

    Sorry, ASUS but you’re gonna be too late into the game to succeed. March???? Most companies that are releasing a tablet will do so late q3 to q4 THIS year. That’s gonna be a 3 to 7 month jump on you. You’d have to sell next generation hardware at last generation prices just to try to play catch up. If the article had said release was set for q4 you’d have success as alot of people would jump on it thanks to the ASUS netbook reputation, but by March 2011 most people that want an android tablet will already have one.

    • Nathan Lake
      September 17, 12:04 Reply

      Too late? They are only too late if you assume the pad format is a fad and will go away. I for one believe that the 5-10 pad screen is finally the right size for mobile computing. Many apps simply do not lend themselves to the 2-3 screen found on phones. The only thing ASUS is too late for is the 2010 Xmas season. The pad format will be here for several years.

  2. Epicanis
    August 13, 19:28 Reply

    Is this the same Android device prototype they started to show sometime a year or so ago and then pulled and publically apologized to Microsoft for showing?

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