October 30, 2014

Disturbing Nazi Theme on Android Market (Now Removed)

We ran across this editorial today from Engadget, talking about the existence of some offensive Nazi themes that come up  when you search the keyword “Jewish” in the Android Market.  Make sure you read the authors thoughts on this issue.

It seems that Michael Gartenberg, another author at Endgadget, was the person who stumbled across this.

This issue brings into light the debate of whether or not the Android Market, being part of an open source ecosystem, is a place where apps like these need to be given the freedom to be sold to those consumers who would want to purchase it.  There are arguments on both sides, saying that the Market is at it’s base, a private business venture that Google has every right to police and set policy, there are yet others who say that a truly open source community would be one that would allow users to post whatever they want.

No matter what the debate, Google has said this morning that themes and apps in question are both disturbing, and in violation of the TOS of the Android Market, which has led to the removal of the offensive content. It will be interesting to see how they are going to propose to police the Market in the future to prevent these type of postings.  More info as it comes in.