HTC Merge – New Android Phone Sneaks into Verizon Inventory System

htcmergeA new device has shown up in Verizon’s inventory system known as the HTC Merge.  Details about the device are extremely sketchy at this point, with literally nothing coming out of  either Verizon or HTC.  Some rumors indicate that it could possibly be an HTC phone already in the wild, just getting reworked for Verizon.  It could also be Verizon‘s first 4G/LTE device possibly even a variant of Sprint‘s EVO 4G.  Unfortunately aside from rumor and speculation there isn’t much else we can provide at this time other than the picture sent to Phandroid.

Personally, I think Verizon is looking for a mid range device with the Droid 2 and Droid X filling the high end segment and the Droid Incredible coming in closely behind.  There isn’t much room left at the top for high end devices. Currently, the mid range department feautures the Devour and LG Ally, now that Droid Eris is has seemingly been retired.

  • Too many Android phones from HTC is going to dilute the market. I hope they release one or two models that offer superior features.

    • jason

      dilute the market? lol….

  • SP

    Not dilute the market, present choice to users as everyone want different features. It is impossible to add all in one and make all happy. I guess apple tried the same and …. loosing on sales… Go Android

  • Hearthatvoiceagain

    Just a thought. Wouldn’t MERGE be a good name for the Verizon Worldphone we know is coming, since it merges the worlds of CDMA and GSM.

  • ITK

    Merge will mean a Qwerty keyboard and touch screen like the Moto droid. It’ll have 2.2 installed and the sense UI along with the hummingbird processor.