October 25, 2014

Oracle to Google: "We're Taking Our Java and Going Home! Unless You Pay."

Some interesting news broke late yesterday about the fact that Oracle is suing Google over the use of Java in the development of the Android platform.

A quote from the news.sky.com article:

The suit claims that Google “knowingly, directly and repeatedly infringed Oracle’s Java-related intellectual property” in developing Android, according to a statement from Oracle.

I cannot help but think Oracle is crying in their milk a little bit.  It is no secret that Oracle’s founder, Larry Ellison has always wanted to corner the market on cloud computing.  The whole idea of Oracle back in the day was that it was going to revolutionize computing by giving everyone sleek, portable terminals that tap into the Oracle database for all of their information.  Granted, Ellison was a visionary as we have seen this come to fruition with Android and implementations of cloud computing.

I see this suit as way to express some frustrations from a company that is frustrated that they have never become the information giant like Google has.  Back when Android development started in 2007, Java engineers were troubled and upset because of the implementation of Android, and it not being what they recommend.  What better way to strike back than in Google’s pocket.

Whether or not Oracle has a leg to stand on here to me is not the relevant question, what is the issue is what does Oracle stand to gain?  Or rather, what are they hoping to gain from Google?  A piece of Android future considerations?  Would they not be better served by trying to partner with Google rather than trying to make them an enemy?

I am sure we will be hearing more about this in the coming months, stay tuned.