Recent Trademark Filings Hint at T-Mobile’s Future

I decided to poke around the US Trademarks website this morning to see if I could glean anything about T-Mobile‘s upcoming projects or handsets.  Every once in a while I will do this to see if I can confirm rumors or substantiate a claim.  So did I find anything today?  You bet.  Looking back over the last three months or so, we can see that the carrier is definitely working on something around a successor to the beloved G1. Among the recent trademark filings, I came across the following:

  • Blaze – May 26th
  • G1 Blaze – May 26th
  • G1 Rocket – May 26th
  • Rocket – May 26th
  • DRIVESMART – June 10th
  • G2 – July 12th
  • Jet – July 29th
  • Cliq 2 – August 6th

My gut tells me that Blaze, G1 Blaze, G1 Rocket, and G2 are likely all one in the same.  T-Mobile has probably not formally decided which name they’ll be using, although G2 is the most recent filing.  The description given for DRIVESMART indicates smart phone software that switches to a safe driving mode where text messaging, e-mail and other apps are disabled.  As for Rocket and Jet, I would not be surprised if these ended up as 3G/HSPA+ USB devices for laptops and netbooks.  The Cliq 2 filing from earlier this month could be related to one of two Motorola devices coming later this year.  You may recall the roadmap from July that showed Jordan and Begonia codenames tied to the handset maker.  Both projects were due in November.

Anyone care to chime in with their own ideas as to what might be going down later this year?

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  • G2 is what T-Mobile Europe call the HTC Hero

  • keith

    I think the cliq 2 would be a horrible choice on tmobiles part due to the whole upgrade thing you would think that they would want to shove the cliq name under the carpet…

  • fakeshaft

    htc hero is not the g2. if it was the g2, it’d be named the g2 idiot. tmobile has reserved the G name all the way up to G3. so in another 2 years, expect a G3 named phone. This new one will be called the G2

  • Newspeak

    @fakeshaft he is right the hero is called the g2 IN EUROPE …really did you even read the comment before deciding to become a 12 year old

  • MrH

    Is this post a joke? There’s already a Rocket 1.0 and Rocket 2.0 USB stick out so lets call that a wash. Also, G2 is owned by Gatorade so let’s put that one to rest which means if there is another “G” device it MAY be called the Blaze even though that sounds like a cheesy name.

  • MrH

    G3 wouldn’t work either, I’m not a marketing guy but calling a phone the G3 while there are 3G networks out there sounds like a terrible idea unless you’re trying to sell a phone to Dyslexics. Also, G3 is TMd by a well known aircraft manufacturer for their G3s and G5s. T-mobile doesnt own any G* besides the G1.

  • MrH

    The Jet is also a USB stick so that’s out. This appears to be a worthless story! Yay!