Augen Switches to AndAppStore on Tablet No Longer Available at Kmart

Augen GenTouch78Augen, maker of the GenTouch78, the well known  “$150 Kmart tablet,” has been under fire from Google for distributing the Android Market and other Google apps without permission.  Since Augen and Google were not able to come to an licensing arrangement for the proprietary apps (no surprise since Google has not yet licensed the apps for any tablet without telephony capabilities), Augen has decided to use a 3rd party app store on the devices. AndAppStore, created by Funky Android Ltd., has been around for a couple of years and aims to provide an efficient connection between users and developers. Al Sutton, director of Funky Android, said they “are always willing to help OEMs and hardware distributors by providing them with a royalty and contract free alternative to Google’s Android Market, and we are happy to have been able to assist Augen in resolving this issue.” Augen has made AndAppStore available as a download from their support site, and any Android user can download and install the AndAppStore client directly from Funky Android.

It’s worth noting as well that the GenTouch78 is no longer available from Kmart. It’s not clear if it’s simply out of stock or if Kmart has reversed its decision to sell the device.

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  1. Luis
    August 14, 17:55 Reply

    I live in Mexico, and ordered two of these machines, they arrive here tomorrow. Any idea on how to root this kind of devices, or if anybody has built a ROM for them?

    • Uyuyuymax
      October 19, 02:13 Reply

      Hola Luis!  Como conseguiste contactar a Augen para comprarle sus productos?  Tengo una Augen EGO y me sirve perfecto para trabajar con archivos pequeños.   Sin embargo el navegador de internet esta comenzando a ser obsoleto.  Te agradezco de antemano la ayuda.  

  2. Byron
    August 14, 23:38 Reply

    You can still find the device in stores. I saw 9 in the display case at my local Kmart here in Florida.

  3. AugenUser
    January 24, 08:56 Reply

    I just returned the Augen The Book yesterday because it worked for a day and then would not do anything. I know it was just a problem with mine because my mom and sister both have one that work great. Well I bought this tablet (from KMart so they do still sell them) and it works great! The screen isn’t as responsive as my iPod touch but much better than my $200 touch screen phone. It is much more user freindly than their Ereader and I am very happy with it.

  4. Rockam007
    May 08, 13:40 Reply

    I just purchase one and thought i could use the android market. I just hope andappstore is just as safe or i will not use it.

  5. Bruce y
    August 30, 08:44 Reply

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  6. Bruce y
    August 30, 08:44 Reply

    a lot of android mid tablet pc from china, and online sales is much popular for chinese sellers, and some provide great price and the best quality like modol mid m70003

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