Notion Ink Adam Improving


Well, it’s been a while since we’ve heard any news about Notion Ink’s Android-powered iPad competitor, the Adam tablet. But it looks like they are giving us a glimpse, and it’s going to be an early Christmas. Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan has a new blog post entitled “Inception!”, and the title refers to the Adam. He’s very excited about the product and can’t wait for the release. They’re pushing for November to apply it for approval from the FCC. Hopefully, it’ll be released in time for Christmas.

Notion Ink’s UI designers are hard at work, tweaking and modifying the UI. Now, I know what’s on your mind: the price. Shravan is saying that they want a price range of $399 to $498, which isn’t too bad, considering an iPad costs at least $500. No word on what version of Android it’ll run, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it had Froyo or even Gingerbread. We’ll keep you posted as more news comes in.

How many people would buy this right now?


  1. I’d buy it (probably the $450 with pixel qi and wifi).
    And they’ve said that it will run Froyo, and then upgrade to Gingerbread when it’s available.

  2. I’d buy 2 yesterday! Adam is the eMate 1000 Apple didn’t (and was never going to) upgrade to… the MessagePad too. So what if Adam v1 doesn’t have HWR? Onscreen keyboards are faster.

  3. I’ll buy one, maybe two. I’m eagerly anticipating its arrival, though I’m bracing myself for the likelihood that it’ll have its share of defects. I like this upstart Indian company, I like the audacity of what they’re trying to do, and I really want them to succeed. But they’ve got obstacles to overcome that an entrenched player with deep pockets–like Apple–can roll right over. I especially expect the Adam to have some buggy software on rollout, though hopefully not so bad it can’t be patched. One thing you can say about the Apple iPad–despite the stinginess of its features–is that like most other Apple products, it is flawlessly executed. I don’t expect Adam to be like that out of the gate.

  4. I have been coveting one of these since seeing the reports from CES in January. I will definitely be buying one of the Pixel Qi versions; just haven’t decided which, yet. I have yet to see a competitor Android-based pad that compares.

  5. I will buy on with the dual screen and wi-fi. No need for the 3G cause I’ll just update from my phone if I need too. Paying for a second data plan is not bright.

  6. I’d pay up to $1k for a, no-holds-barred, battery forever, super open-source, snappy speed tablet. Particularly if it came in a 12″ version.

    I am using a wi-fi-only ipad atm and love the access to ebooks in *any* format, love the web surfing, love watching netflix movies in my bed when I’m not feeling well.

    Adam tablet is currently my top choice among the tablets-to-be.

    Don’t love the proprietary-only-ness of the ipad. The 3′ recharging cable is WAY too short (6′-8′ min IMO). I want a collapse-able full sized keyboard and Apple doesn’t sell one.

    The controls over the ipad aren’t extensive enough. I want to be able to set whether the screen orientates in each program. Watching movies or reading in bed? You don’t want the screen to shift.

    The Ipad is very difficult to hold, it’s slippery. A tiny bit of texture on the back, edges and part of the front that isn’t the screen would be nice.

    Finally, the screen gets Sooo….filled with fingerprints so easily. Something a tad more fingerprint resistant would be nice with the part of the front that wasn’t the screen textured to avoid fingerprints.

    I’m waiting till x-mas to see what my choices are for a 3G tablet. If Adam isn’t out by then I may wait till 1st quarter 2011. Please don’t release it if it’s really not ready and fully wrung out.



  7. I would pre-order one today if it were possible (NewEgg, J&R, etc). If it works well, I would probably get one or two more. I’m guessing my daughters would swipe the initial one just like they swiped our Kindle. Do not know about 3G, but definitely Pixel Qi.