CyanogenMod 6 Release Candidate 3 Now Available for Nexus One


Nexus One hackers rejoice!  The latest release candidate for CM6 has been released for the Nexus One.  That’s right, let the speed and trackball waking begin!  Woo-hoo.

As always, flash with caution and always do a backup first. You can get the .zip file here!

Source: CyanogenMod
Image Source: Engadget


    • To install I already root my phone wit an app but I’m not sure on how to install I got rom manager from da market but it says error

  1. @Ninja4life u first need to flash amonra or clockwork recovery via fastboot or use the rom manager to flash recovery then download the rom and put in the sd card then boot into recovery and do a nandroid backup and flash the the rom. go to the xda site in the nexus one section all the help you need is there

  2. Download Widget Locker from the Android Market and you can wake your phone with the trackball (as well as customize the heck out of your lock screen) without needing to bother with stuff like rooting or flashing.

    And since the stock 2.2 rom is super fast to begin with, and offers free wifi tethering, why should we bother with CM anymore?

  3. ok i think i got it but when it started rebooting it wont stop its just looping n i see da cyanogen logo over n over n my phone doesnt want to start

    • 1. reboot your phone to whatever rom your using.
      2. clear the download cache in your rom manager then re-flash clockworkmod recovery.
      3. download the cm3 file again then try installing it.

  4. Any of you guys have an Youtube site? I just root my N1 I copied all three file over to my mem. But now I’m hearing I will need google files like gmail and others?