The Droid to Get Another Froyo Update, This Time With Flash 10.1

Motorola doesn’t quit, does it? Just days after the Droid got it’s official Froyo update (which is expected to finish rolling out by August 18th), they throw us another bone. Big Red and Moto are telling us that the Droid will get another Froyo upgrade “within the next few weeks”. Only one question lingers in my head: what’s so different about this one? Well, if you read the title of this article or looked at the picture, you already know. That’s right, the Droid is getting Adobe Flash 10.1 with this latest update. So, now all you Droid owners can play Flash games and watch Flash videos all you want.

I have to tip my hat to Motorola. They haven’t had the best track record, with that whole Cliq/Cliq XT 2.1 debacle, but it’s nice to see Moto doing something right for a change. Stay tuned to for all the latest news and info about this update!

Source: PhoneDog

  • david

    Yea, this will, Samsung making its move into the field, keep Moto ahead as Samsung still has not learned their Bold II mistake it seems. While the Galaxy S COULD HAVE put them in the race, their S-L-O-W response and “dumb” half-baked OS-bloat-ware, GPS, LAG, did I say BLOAT-WARE, very poor design of how they use apps (not NAND) oh did I say BLOAT-WARE that is very hard to get ride of without toasting the phone….and do not forget the BLOAT-WARE…otherwise what an awesome phone. IF they would allow stock android, yea maybe even be forced to use/have carrier only BLOATWARE and offer all their BLOAT-WARE as installable apps they would over take Moto, HTC, etc.

    As soon as some manufacture wakes up and does that simple thing they would, assuming they also have current hardware, take over 1st place even if they charged an extra $50…a few million phones @ $50 would offset any lost from NO BLOAT-WARE.

    Following the MicroSoft-PC model, BLOAT-WARE is a step backwards…

  • pasmith

    I’d be more impressed if they’d push the first update to me… still waiting.

    I’m very interested to see how well Flash performs on the Droid. PC owners probably don’t think much about Flash and performance, but I use a Macbook Pro at work and Flash is a *pig* under OS X.

    Hopefully on the Droid it’ll be closer to Windows performance (which tends to be a non-issue).

  • Federico

    Android is java. Java is a memory hog.

    By the way, you guys on verizon, try this. Dial up your friend. After they answer, ask them to hold. Open a web browser. If you say you can you are lying. You cannot and are only deluding yourself if you think you hav a smartphone.

    • Mattg67

      HA HA ifail user i suppose? Well if you are it’s obvious your not very smart then. CDMA technology (verizon and sprint) does not support data and voice at the same to woo big deal lol. How about you do us a favor try to make a call period! If you can hold the call past hello your lying. ifail isn’t a smartphone anymore it’s a trend 🙂

      • PurplePenguin04

        If you’re on wi-fi you can make a call and go online at the same time.

        But even if I’m not on wi-fi, I find the times that I need or even want to go online while talking to be very few. It’s far from a deal breaker to me.

        • Masood

          Please tell us how? how i can make calls when connected to my WiFI?

    • Eddy

      Lol i can thats the magic of wifi and whats the point of having a smart phone if you dont have covarage?

  • Bobby

    I got the Froyo push 2 days ago, it changed some of the layout, and there’s a usb tethering option under settings which i’ll have to investigate further.

    Note: the browser will open while on the phone, it just won’t update. I’ve been told that’s a verizon network setting though and not a limitation of the actual phone. Either way, it’s nice to be on a 3g network that can actually load a web page in less than 5 minutes.