Report: PayPal Payments Coming Soon to Android Market

According to a Bloomberg report on Friday, Ebay’s PayPal is in talks with Google about adding its payment service to Android devices.  If the negotiations go as Google is planning, PayPal could be available for the Android Market by the end of the year, perhaps the Fall. This is great news for users as a chief complaint about purchasing Android apps is that customers must have a Google Checkout account.
PayPal is already available as an application for accepting and making mobile payments on several mobile platforms, including Android (the application just received a big upgrade).  Both Google and PayPal declined to comment on the report.

Overall, we all love options. Combine that with the popularity of Paypal, and this sounds like a fantastic idea. What do you think? Would you use PayPal to purchase apps? Let us know below!

Source: Bloomberg

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  1. Foxman
    August 15, 14:07 Reply

    I sure hope this move might also mean an expansion of the paid market! One would hope that is a higher priority… Unless Google makes the paid market available for more countries, this would only be another way in which I’m not allowed to pay for apps. Yeah, I happen to live in one of the (many) unlucky countries.

    • ari-free
      August 15, 14:52 Reply

      there are paid android apps for many countries from

  2. John
    August 16, 08:47 Reply

    Actually the only reason I haven’t purchased more apps is for this reason.
    I purchased 1 app so far and the developer had the option to purchase the app on his site with paypal.

  3. Mav
    August 16, 09:15 Reply

    I also would love paypal support because I’ve stopped buying apps through the checkout because of overseas charges I get through my bank because Google doesn’t convert the currency before you buy, it makes buying a cheap app, expensive.

  4. TB
    May 01, 10:24 Reply

    Yes i would it would be great. i cannot currently buy apps from android despite wanting to as i do not have a credit card that THEY accept but i do have a paypal account. Come on Google, team up and make your users happy.

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