Adobe AIR Launching on Android in Q4 2010

Earlier today at the Flash Summit in San Francisco, Adobe announced that Adobe AIR 2.5 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2010. This is great news for all Flash fans. I personally can’t wait for AIR apps.

Despite this news, Adobe did not yet announce how AIR will be distributed — whether it will be OTA updates, or pre-installed on devices.  It is also a possibility that AIR will be available in the Android Market.  Hopefully we will know soon.

Are you excited about AIR? Looking forward to Flash apps as much as me? Take a look at the demo below!


  • My excitement is less about the proliferation of Flash in mobile apps, and more about the opportunities available to developers to create awesome cross-platform apps.

  • Travis

    The volume in the demo vid is so low I can’t hear it even with the sound turned up all the way. FAIL