October 25, 2014

App Review: SyncMate for Mac

Eltima software has released an update to their SyncMate software, and now it includes Android.  That’s right folks, you can now sync your Android phone with your Mac. Steve Jobs would be proud.

I should mention that this is a new adventure for Eltima, so the app is still a little buggy.  It is what I would call a “working beta.”  SyncMate has a free version, and it lets you sync the Address Book and iCal, the paid, subscription service, allows you to sync iTunes, iPhoto, your folders, and even back up phone data.

The interface is very self-explanatory, and once you plug your Android phone into the Mac, it pops up the storage card (and usually iPhoto) but now, SyncMate also starts.  It is a very easy interface, and syncs all your info very well, and quite quickly.

SyncMate also can set up to sync your Mac with other Macs, PC’s, your Gmail account, Sony PSP, a USB Flash drive, or online storage places.  (It also does Windows Mobile phones, but I’ll get into that in a minute.)  With the online storage sync, it also allows you to save the documents on their server that can be accessed by any Mac running SyncMate.

The Website shows the ability to read your SMS messages your mac, and also back them up, which is what really intrigued me about this service; yet, at this time, that feature is only available for Windows Mobile users.

I feel that SyncMate is a great tool, and it does exactly what it says it does; however, as someone that is a heavy phone user, I would like to have backups of all my messages, both SMS and MMS, and having that ability inside SyncMate would be a definite plus for me.  (Currently, there are applications that one can download from the Market that will save your SMS and MMS messages.)  Like I said before, Android is new to SyncMate, and it is a matter of time until these things are implemented I’m sure.  Hop on over to Eltima’s site, and give it a go.  It’s great for us Mac users that want everything in one place!