Dell Streak Possibly Getting Upgraded Directly to Android 2.2

Up until now, Dell’s Streak has proven to be a severe disappointment.  Pre-loaded with Android 1.6, the handset has shaped up to be a the fastest, sexiest let down to date.  Fortunately, all may not be lost. According to the folks over at Engadget, Dell’s Lionel Menchaca suggested recently that the Dell Streak may possibly skip Android 2.1 altogether in the United States and upgrade directly to the faster, more capable Android 2.2 (Froyo people!).  While nothing is set in stone at this point, this is very good news to hear.

Overall, this news might change things for some people. Would you now consider picking this handset up? Does the possibility of Froyo make you want to purchase this thing more? Let us know either way.

Source: Engadget

  • phssthpok

    I desperately wanted a Streak. But their handling of the launch makes me *seriously* doubt their commitment to the streak and whether they’ll release any kind of update.

    • bordercollie

      I love my Streak. Still has 1.6 but works fast w/o issues and will only be better once 2.2 and flash is available.

      • i chatted with dell today and they gave me this link

  • Will not touch it until the update is actually out there and availablr!

  • Quentin Dewolf

    the problem is the “locked to At&t” issue. Even the unlocked one is not truly unlocked and can not be used on tmobile even just as a phone. I dream of the day when we can choose our device seperatly from our service. At&t does not work at my house but Tmobile does. the reasons for picking a particular service is totaly different than the reason for picking a device.

    • Mark

      Hi – Just buy a Rebel sim card – it slips in with your own simm card of choice and unlocks your phone without altering anything on the phone and protecting you warrenty.
      Its so easy, search it up – i use an o2 locked streak with my TMobile (virgin network) sim

  • opiate46

    I wouldn’t pick it up because I don’t need a friggin 5″ screen on my phone. The EVO and Droid X are already almost too big. My PSP has a 5″ screen. Having that for a phone is completely unnecessary.

  • Michael

    HTC played the same game with the Hero: first there were rumours that an upgrade to 1.6 would be available soon. Then they skipped that and promised 2.0 soon. Of course they skipped that, too, and promised 2.1 instead. Many months later, we finally got 2.1 (those of us who didn’t already root the phone).

    So no, if they don’t already sell it with a reasonably new version I’ll wait or buy something else.

  • MaybeOnce

    I’m waiting for Dell to announce when they will be providing the update and in what form(s) – only because I agree Dell must show to me they have the resources and committment to support this device.

    However, for those unwilling to wait, a version of 2.1 _is_ available now for the US Streak. Here is one site with the details for the DIY instructions.


  • I waited so long for the Dell Streak bragged about it since last year went and bought the behold2 to hold me over then only to be let down by an old outdated OS.Now the Streak looked to be the same way.I will believe it when I see it.So I opted to give Samsung another change and got the Vibrant which has really become a likable phone plus the Dell does not have T-mo 3g.500.00 for a phone that is really not ready to rumble .I’ll take a raincheck.

  • joeusawireless

    I just got Dell Streak , very good device , with 2 big problems
    1. locked to AT&T
    2. need new version of Android 2.2

    If anybody need this kind of device , do not buy dell streak, waite for samsung galaxy tab.
    Galaxy tab will be unlocked with android 2.2


  • john

    Can’t you just download the new 2.2 firmware and update the Streak?
    I don’t get it.
    I use an iPhone, and you get a notice that there’s a new firmware, and do it when you feel like.
    The biggest complaint I hear from people picking Android phones is that they want to get “out from under Apple’s control”, and so they’re picking devices that they can’t update themselves?

  • I have the streak in the UK, easy unlock, easy to apply 2.2 today. stop crying, if you want one, buy one

  • Paul

    For all the doubting toms and sleekit wee timerus beasties at work,got myself the 2.2 os upgrade, working brilliant, this tablet beats walking around with a huge screen that is the ipad, its so quick, the w-fi alert is ace, you hook up, download and keep in touch so much quicker than the appleaddicts and they hate it, as for the helpdesk at DELL, superbo, having the adobe reader app is just so good too, android market is getting progressively closer to the apple apps that my iphone will never be used again, well it can’t, I sold it. The 5inch screen is just the right size, if you don’t want to be putting the phone to your ear, use the handsfree supplied. now altogether … lollipop lollipop oh la la lollipop………