Droid Pro and Motorola Tablet Spotted in Verizon Inventory Control

Droid Pro and Motorola Tablet Spotted in Verizon Inventory Control

Verizon Inventory 1BGR has reported that their Verizon insider snagged photos of several new pieces of hardware hitting Verizon Wireless locations in the coming months from their inventory control system.  Including two juicy tidbits that Android lovers will be interested in.

First off it looks like a “World Phone” version of the Droid 2 for more business and travel minded customers could start appearing anytime now.  Adding Global roaming capability to the Droid lineup is a critical step in gaining acceptance from the business crowd, while adding black and white color choices appeals to those looking for a color choice. Second you will see the “MOT DROID A957″ believed by most to be the Droid Pro. The Droid Pro is also a world phone, This device is also rumored to launch in November sporting a 1.3GHz processor and a 4inch touchscreen.

The second item of interest from the inventory shots are the model number “MZ600″.  Could this be the much rumored Motorola tablet? At this point its anyones guess. It could be a large phone device ala the Dell Streak but that remains to be seen. For now all we can do it watch and listen, Hopefully Motorola and Verizon come clean about these new devices soon.  However based on their collective track records its doubtful we will hear much official up until just before these devices launch.Verizon Inventory 2

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