Final Version of Adobe Flash 10.1 Now Available for Nexus One

Big news for Adobe today as Adobe Flash 10.1 has finally exited beta.  After a string of builds, the application is finally stable enough for Adobe and you’ll be able to download directly from the Market on a Nexus One.  I should mention that this final version seems very stable to me.  Quite excellent.

No word yet on how the HTC Evo or Droid 2 are going to be able to upgrade to the final build, but I am sure we will know soon enough.  I suggest showing off Flash 10.1 to as many iPhone users are you can folks! Enjoy it!  Now all we need is streaming flash audio for background play.

Source: Electronista

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  1. Max
    August 16, 20:48 Reply

    Question: Can it go to the SD card, or could it ever? After all, it is a large program. This Nexus One owner would like to know.

    • DaveC
      August 16, 22:03 Reply

      It doesn’t show up as an available program when I run SD Move on my N1. Not much does.

  2. James
    August 16, 23:15 Reply

    I also don’t understand why they don’t allow it to be put on the SD card. Makes no sense. More and more apps are allowing you to put them on the SD card but this app is 12.52MB. Don’t understand them.

  3. dan
    August 17, 09:37 Reply

    If you root your device, you will have the option to move all apps to sd

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