Galaxy S GPS Fix in the Works and Being Tested by Samsung

tweet1Samsung is aware of the GPS issues with the US Galaxy S phones and is actively working on correcting the issue. According to Tweets from Carla Saavedra, from Samsung Mobile Support and SamsungTweets they are working on a fix for the Galaxy S GPS issues that several owners are experiencing. Not much is known at this point but we can hopefully expect this to clear up those slow acquisitions and occasional inaccurate readings owners are seeing. The new software update is expected to be available in September. With the Launch of the Epic 4G on Sprint at the end of this month and Verizon‘s Fascinate rumored to arrive in September there is pressure not only from current owners but from carriers as well.


  • david

    Yea, this will, Samsung making its move into the field, keep HTC/Moto ahead as Samsung still has not learned from their past phnoes (Bold) mistakes it seems. While the Galaxy S COULD HAVE put them in the race, their S-L-O-W response and “dumb” half-baked OS-bloat-ware, GPS, LAG, did I say BLOAT-WARE, very poor design of how they use apps (not NAND) oh did I say BLOAT-WARE that is very hard to remove without toasting the phone….and do not forget the BLOAT-WARE…otherwise what an awesome phone. IF they would allow stock android, yea maybe even be forced to use/have carrier only BLOATWARE and offer all their BLOAT-WARE as installable apps they would over take Moto, HTC, etc.

    As soon as some manufacture wakes up and does that simple thing they would, assuming they also have current hardware, take over 1st place even if they charged an extra $50…a few million phones @ $50 would offset any lost from BLOAT-WARE which causes many issues…NO BLOAT-WARE.

    Following the MicroSoft-PC model, BLOAT-WARE is a step backwards…

    • opiate46

      While the bloatware is annoying, most of it can be removed. Also, I’ve never experienced any lag with my Vibrant. Maybe I just got lucky.

      I will agree that Samsung really dropped the ball with this GPS issue. While it doesn’t really affect me so much (I have a Garmin I use for nav) it’s still annoying when using google maps for pretty much anything. I’ve tried all the fixes with no real improvement.

      My other gripe is built off yours – why is it so hard for phone manufacturers to stick with stock Android? I’d have 2.2 already if that were the case.

      Here’s to hoping Samsung pulls its head out of its ass and get’s back on the ball. The Galaxy S phones are badass (especially when their full potential is unlocked). Just need some work in the support division.

      • SugarDaddy

        The galaxy-s provided by t-mobile is littered with bloatware, logos, splash screens, startup tones, avatar, kindle app, t-mobile myaccount, sims3, layar media player, etc, etc. And none of it can be removed. It’s excessive.

        • JJ

          Actually, it can lol

  • Iy

    I like touchwiz and my gps works, I had lag which I fixed, but compass just doesnt seem to work at all

    • mike

      I had the same problem but followed the troubleshooting instructions in Compass’ help to recalibrate it. (As well as moving it in a figure 8, roll the phone slowly round its sideways axis and its lengthways axis). It was useless before I did it but it is working fine now.

  • techguy378

    One of my family members has a Samsung Captivate thru AT&T. Out of the box GPS worked perfectly. I didn’t even have to enable assisted GPS. Signal acquisition was faster than my AT&T Nexus One phone running stock Froyo build FRF91 and Samsung’s GPS was spot on whether I was driving 55mph or walking.