id Software may bring Rage to Android



Here is some possible good news for Android Gamers.  id Software has released Rage, a First Person Shooter that has won 3 Game Critics awards at E3. Rage is currently available for the PC, Xbox360 and PS3.

At the recent QuakeCon conference id Software demonstrated Rage on the iPhone 4 during the keynote, It was also mentioned that it will run on the 3GS but looks best on the iPad. John Caramack announced that they are considering a port to Android but the final determination has not been made at this time. With the demonstration (see the video below) showing that the game runs at a steady 60FPS on the iPhone this shows that mobile devices including those running Android can certainly run this game and make it run well.

Its also worth noting that last year id Software served Google with a DMCA notice to remove the Android ports of Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein from the Android Market.


  • Mike

    Rage isn’t out yet. It won’t be out til September 2011.

  • pasmith

    Google is your friend… like Mike said, Rage isn’t even close to being out yet.

  • Julius


  • z

    “Rage” won’t be released on the iPhone. What they have in there is a new engine; similar features with the megatexture stuff, but the way assets are created is different. John mentioned they will probably release a game based on the Rage lore in there, but it’s just not the same game.

    And if anything is released on the iPhone, I bet it’d be the same for Android; that is, not a “Rage port”.

  • Chris

    why the heck do they advertise these games so long B4 they are to be released?? I thought we were looking at Dec 2010 or such for Rage.; A YEAR away is too long to start wanting it. I can’t even imagine how long a wait it will be for DOOM4 !! Of course, if they make it even close to the DOOM3 game, I will be waiting in line with all the other idiots that do that lol. BTW- why did Android have to remove doom from their market? I have a DroidX & wouold love to have a little DOOM3 on the go! Why punish those of us that don’t care for AT&T coverage (not to mention iPhone restrictions)?

  • Anthony Stroppel

    So John Carmack ended just being another moneyho by supporting the close-minded Apple devices first