Report: Droid Incredible to see Froyo this Week

Verizon‘s Droid Incredible is said to be receiving its Android 2.2  ‘Froyo’ update this week, according to Mashable sources.  The exact date being thrown around is Wednesday (18th) but we’ll be happy if ours sees is in August. Should it roll out as expected, it will only be a week or so later than the rumored date we heard last month.  Once completed, Verizon will have three Android phones with 2.2 under the hood – Droid, Droid 2, and Droid Incredible.

  • Jason

    Now it’s time for my X to get a little love.

  • Richard

    I spoke to a Verizon tech support person this morning, and he was very clear that Verizon plans on rolling Froyo out to the Incredible starting tomorrow, barring the discovery of a problem significant enough to cause them to pull it. Having said that, I’ve heard the same from others during earlier rumor sessions, so I am not getting too excited about it until it starts to happen.

    The VTS person also said it will take about a week to reach all handsets.

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  • Tom

    Well, it’s 8/17/2010, and still haven’t seen my Froyo. Yes, I’m getting anxious!!

    • Tom

      8/31/2010. Still no Froyo for my Incredible.