Samsung Tab Details Uncovered in Firmware

The details surrounding the upcoming Samsung Tab(let) have been unearthed thanks to a recent firmware leak.  Are they the awesome, groundbreaking details we’ve been hoping for?  Well… I can’t answer that for you.  However, I do know that with the right pricing and carrier pairing, I will likely buy one for myself.  The design looks a bit like a Samsung Galaxy S class phone with somewhat similar hardware underneath. 

Here’s what’s being rumored for the 7-inch tablet as of today:

  • Android 2.2
  • Screen resolution 480×800, more than likely 600×1024
  • Camera Max resolution 2048×1536 (3.1 megapixels)
  • Front cam Max resolution 240×320
  • CPU 1.0GHz ARM11
  • GPS
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • JavaScript 1.5
  • Swype
  • lj

    I hope it has at least 2 usb ports and a cd player show me a tab with that and a cd burner built in and running android 3.0 than U have a beast that I would gladly buy

  • david

    FOOL me once shame on you, FOOL me twice shame on me:

    Yea, this will, Samsung making its move into the field, keep HTC/Moto ahead as Samsung still has not learned from their past phnoes (Bold) mistakes it seems. While the Galaxy S COULD HAVE put them in the race, their S-L-O-W response and “dumb” half-baked OS-bloat-ware, GPS, LAG, did I say BLOAT-WARE, very poor design of how they use apps (not NAND) oh did I say BLOAT-WARE that is very hard to remove without toasting the phone….and do not forget the BLOAT-WARE…otherwise what an awesome phone. IF they would allow stock android, yea maybe even be forced to use/have carrier only BLOATWARE and offer all their BLOAT-WARE as installable apps they would over take Moto, HTC, etc.

    As soon as some manufacture wakes up and does that simple thing they would, assuming they also have current hardware, take over 1st place even if they charged an extra $50…a few million phones @ $50 would offset any lost from BLOAT-WARE which causes many issues…NO BLOAT-WARE.

    Following the MicroSoft-PC model, BLOAT-WARE is a step backwards…

    what makes us think they will do any better with the “tab”….!!!!!!! Sorry I will look at others 1st….a fully non-working “tab” is not worth any price except free….lol…also BLOAT-WARE is an issue…

  • I’m more sick of David’s bloatmouth on Samsung bloatware on these forums. Deal with it dude, it doesn’t bother most of us who love all this new tech. We can remove most stuff we don’t want, even more if we root.
    We don’t need your negativity. We need Froyo! I love my Samsung Vibrant!

  • vpplayer

    90% of the population that get a phone get it because of the way it looks and works. Everybody isn’t some tech geek that wants to pimp out their phone, modify every piece of the system, most people want to turn it on and use it. I think Samsung did a great job at making the stock Android system look sexy and functional. Nothing against stock Android OS but I love my Vibrant, and the skinning they have done to it, and can’t wait to get my hands on a Samsung Tab. My only gripe is the GPS, mine works half the time, if they fix that is in my eyes is the best phone to date. Get a life David, and go tweek something else, Samsung has got it right.