October 20, 2014

Get a Speed Boost with New N1 Radio

The XDA Developers site is reporting to day that they have had some of their members reporting a drastic speed increase when in a 3G signal area with the installation of a new radio on their N1’s.  The new version of the radio comes from a Korean N1 build, users noticed the version number was different from the American build, and it is identical to the radio installed with the new HTC Desire 2.2 update.  They rushed to get the software on their phones, and were rewarded, some say, with 10x more speed on a 3g network.

To update your radio on your N1, you can go to the XDA Forum thread and follow the instructions
to get the new Radio installed and get you your speed boost.  Our own Chuck Falzone installed the new radio on his N1, and confirmed that he saw a pretty large speed boost, but nothing like the 10x the normal speed that some XDA users are claiming.

PLEASE NOTE, the process of installing a new radio is not for beginners, and you need to have root access.  Please take care and understand that you are doing this at your own risk, having your phone bricked being one of the risks you take. (small chance honestly, but it is there).  If you decide to take the plunge and update your radio, let us know how it goes!  We are very curious to see if this is truly something that works for everyone.