Get a Speed Boost with New N1 Radio

The XDA Developers site is reporting to day that they have had some of their members reporting a drastic speed increase when in a 3G signal area with the installation of a new radio on their N1’s.  The new version of the radio comes from a Korean N1 build, users noticed the version number was different from the American build, and it is identical to the radio installed with the new HTC Desire 2.2 update.  They rushed to get the software on their phones, and were rewarded, some say, with 10x more speed on a 3g network.

To update your radio on your N1, you can go to the XDA Forum thread and follow the instructions
to get the new Radio installed and get you your speed boost.  Our own Chuck Falzone installed the new radio on his N1, and confirmed that he saw a pretty large speed boost, but nothing like the 10x the normal speed that some XDA users are claiming.

PLEASE NOTE, the process of installing a new radio is not for beginners, and you need to have root access.  Please take care and understand that you are doing this at your own risk, having your phone bricked being one of the risks you take. (small chance honestly, but it is there).  If you decide to take the plunge and update your radio, let us know how it goes!  We are very curious to see if this is truly something that works for everyone.

  • fathom614

    Does this work for the att version?

  • anakin78z

    Definitely something to keep an eye on. Thanks for the post.

  • Will

    Uhm, there is no speed increase everyone thats testing is silly or just had hspa turned on. Way to go responsible journalism. A rom that people have been messing with for over a month suddenly people notice a speed increase. Copy pasting links is a hard job.

    • Thanks for acknowledging our hard work, Will.

      I am in Chicago and we have not had hspa+ turned on. I ran’s app three times in two different locations both before and after applying the new radio. Location one, I averaged 1200 down before and 1800 down after; Location two I couldn’t reliably hold a 3G signal before and averaged 1400 down after.

      I guess the possibility exists that, as you suggest, I am “silly.”

      • Usman

        Your sarcasm aside, how do you account for the myriad people on XDA who saw no change…?

        • I don’t know, just letting you know my personal experience. I didn’t expect much, and was pleasantly surprised.

  • drepope100

    Can anyone confirm these findings, or is it placebo effect????

    • Usman

      Go read the thread… it’s DEFINITELY a placebo.

  • smarterthanyou

    This update is a complete waste of time. I’m getting download speeds of 2710kbps and upload speeds of 1207kbps on my Nexus One with Froyo build FRF91 over AT&T’s 3G network, not wifi. This is with everything stock. These speeds are comparable to what you would get on an iPhone 4 and my N1 phone doesn’t even have that fancy looking antenna on the outside.

  • I thought I heard this radio used a little more battery than the previous one. Have you experienced this Chuck?

    • I have not noticed any difference but haven’t been paying that close attention to battery. Doesn’t seem to be a drastic difference, if any.

  • SSA

    My best speed on froyo 2.2 t mobile in NYC was 3602kbps down and 1347kbps up. This is without any ROM, standard Google software

  • dan

    Previously as in last month tests here in seattle got me 2.96 Mbps at most. Prior to that I never got more than 2.0 Mbps
    I flashed the radio and at first my speeds got worse, I was only receiving 1Mbps or less. After 30 minutes I tested some more and got speeds between 3.0 to 3.36 so I thought my speed improved. Just to verify I got my friend outside to do a test on his phone as well, he has stock 2.2 radio on his nexus one. We were in the same location with full 3G bars and ran 10 tests each. Results were inconsistent, always from as low as 600kbps to about 3Mbps. This tells me that this radio has nothing to do with any speed increase, its just random. If you want to verify make sure you remove all variables that you are not testing if possible. Here are some guidelines:

    1. Use 2 nexus one devices with 2 different baseband versions but same OS build
    2. Remove all apps that access the internet on their own. Otherwise you may be testing while your twitter app is checking for updates you know what I mean?
    3. Always test using same software (I used app, make sure it uses the same server to test speed)
    4. Run the tests after midnight or some time you know most people in your area are sleeping because you cant be sure you’re the only one pinging that server.
    5. Run tests at the same time (press the test button at the same time on both devices)
    6. Run at least 10 times within 15 min or so.
    7. Email logs to yourself and calculate the min max and average from both devices. If you do this process more than once you can even get some numbers for you +- rate.

    From what I saw difference was only 5kbps on average, so no improvement.