HTC Desire HD Randomly Appears on Amazon UK, Disappears Just as Fast

The HTC Desire HD has been all over the web. First, the leaked image, second the blurry cam video, and now finally an appearance on Amazon UK.  That’s right, Electric Pig captured what is believed to be a product listing of the HTC Desire HD.  The handset is priced at $650.00 (a little steep maybe).  The only other detail gleaned from the page is the “Ace” codename, but given that the whole thing has since been yanked, it’s impossible to know what else was hidden.  Doubtful any product info would be given to Amazon unless a product launch was scheduled for very soon.  Gonna just have to wait and see!

Source: Engadget

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  1. Android How to
    August 18, 00:22 Reply

    It’s just allow to pre-order but there are no date for release yet.

  2. Pretbek
    August 18, 04:37 Reply

    Hopefully this is the pre-proder price. Going to wait for the end of this year, they probably going to announce alot till this years end. :)

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