First Look: Samsung Media Hub on the Epic 4G


SlashGear got a quick look recently at the upcoming Samsung Media Hub, a movies-and-TV superstore that is looking to be a real options for Android users. While Media Hub is your typically expensive video store, with $3/day rentals and $12 to 20 movie purchases it seems very cool and something I am looking forward. Hopefully those prices won’t stick. Take a look at the video.

Source: SlashGear

  • With EPIC 4G, we can enjoy the Samsung Media Hub competely.

  • I think it’s a great idea, however i’ll wait til NetFlix has a client for Android to stream movies. that’s a better price point for me.

  • Those prices are in line with blockbusters app pricing which is not great but pretty standard. Netflix will be great but this is a nice alternative. Plus, downloaded movies will have much better picture quality compared to streaming videos.

  • Mojo

    But will we be able to download the movie again if we, say, delete it from our device for space but want to watch it again in the future? (purchase, not rental). Is it like STEAM, for the PC, where it keeps track of your licenses and lets your re-download your content as many times as you need?

    That would certainly be ideal.