FCC Leaks Another Archos Device

Last week, we told you about the Archos 32, a small internet tablet that was leaked. Well, we found another one, the Archos A28, and guess who’s to blame for this one getting out? You got it, the FCC. The A28 is a very small tablet that sports a 2.8-inch touchscreen, which is pretty tiny for an Android device. A user manual was released with the photos.

No word on an Android version, but we’re holding out for some Froyo. The A28 will have 5 home screens, which look rather cramped on the small screen. Not much else is known, except that it has 8GB of internal memory and supports 802.11 b/g/n WiFi. More on this as it develops.

Via WirelessGoodness

  • Lucian

    Notion Ink is also getting ready to launch their Genesis SDK for the Adam tablet:


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    Looks like the FroYo clock

  • its a compition world and companies have to update their technologies with latest features…..

  • Does an Android device with a 3.2-inch screen still qualify as a “tablet”?” If by ‘tablet’, you mean like an aspirin tablet, then yes, it would qualify. Here’s the formula I think most of us are looking for: netbook – keyboard = tablet…or even an improvement on existing laptop/tablet hybrids would be nice

  • Very good looking and trendy device,the A28 is a very small tablet that sports a 2.8-inch touchscreen, which is pretty tiny for an Android device.Its really informative article,I was searching for something like this.

  • Thank you to the FCC for leaking pictures and info for Archos upcoming Android devices…………

  • Yeah isn’t that something, how they try to gouge you with soon to be very inferior products and force you to buy new when you just bought new. It’s infuriating the amount of comical greed these companies have nowadays. It’s why I won’t commit to them at all. It’s why a lot of people won’t commit to there products at all…

  • We’re definitely excited about the Archos A5S but wonder what kind of market it will find

  • I don’t think this will be a Non-Symbian device since the top left on the keyboard key is the Symbian key(Sym)!!!

  • I think the leave it to the Notorious FCC for leaking what we believe to be the official device.