Want More Volume on Your Samsung Vibrant Speaker? Try This!

Do you think the max volume on your Samsung Vibrant is too low?  If the answer to this question is yes, there is an easy way to make your Samsung Vibrant speaker louder.   XDA forum member bchalk has posted the steps required to make it easier to hear the speakerphone on your Samsung Vibrant. It is pretty easy and definitely worth a try if you are having issues.

To make this work, you will have to  punch a code into your dialer and then select the volume type that you want to change and then set the volume level.  The default level appears to  be 88 but you can max this out at 100.

bchalk has posted a warning that 100 is almost intolerable. It is extremely loud so beware!

For more information including full directions, click here or on the source link! Good luck!

Source: XDA-Developers

  • no…_bad_posting

    i have a vibrant (louder), and its max volume is much louder than my previous nexus one (loud) and iphone (weak and quiet) were. also, the max on the vibrant is already coming close to stressing the speaker enough to make it blow….dont’ do this…shitty post…this blog may be coming out of my rss feed soon.

  • Henry

    I think my vibrant speaker is quite low. This made it better

  • opiate46

    This fix has been out for quite awhile…

    However it’s interesting to notice that some people have volume issues. My Vibrant is pretty damn loud so I never bothered with this. Anyone else notice that it’s also 10x louder when you turn it on and off and it does that tmo jingle?