T-Mobile Launching Motorola Charm On August 25th

The pint sized Motorola Charm, a phone a lot of people have been asking about, has finally been made official by T-Mobile. That’s right, earlier today, via Twitter, T-Mobile announced the launch of the T-Mobile Motorola Charm.  You can pick this little guy up on August 25th for $75 on contract.  Rumor has it the phone will also be costing $250 dollars off contract.  I am excited for this form factor. It is going to be sweet.  Check out the promo below!
Will you be picking one up? Let us know.


Source TmoNews and Twitter

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  • “Will you be picking one up?”
    Heck, no. I’ve learned my lesson from Motorola.
    Take a Motorola “CLIQ™ with MOTOBLUR™”, make the keyboard non-retractable, cut the screen resolution in half, cut the camera resolution nearly in half, and you have the “CHARM™”…
    Plus…not a DROID™ on Verizon, so it’s probably another “second-class citizen” phone (Judging by the customer non-engagement seen by the CLIQ™, CLIQ-XT, DEXT, BACKFLIP, and QUENCH owners).
    Even if I hadn’t now sworn off Motorola phones henceforth, I’d wait to find out what standard Android features have been hacked out as “unimportant” by Motorola to make room for MOTOBLUR™ and whatever non-removable 3rd-party shovelware apps they are getting paid to push onto the CHARM™
    Obviously my experience with Motorola Mobile corporation has biased me somewhat, but I keep thinking of this as the “Motorola Kin” phone…