T-Mobile’s Rugged, Waterproof Motorola Jordan


Ever find yourself at the bottom of a swimming pool thinking, “I really need to tweet this“?  You’ll be happy to learn that the Motorola Jordan, which is expected to drop in November, is said to be waterproof to depths of 10 meters.  According to a BGR source, the phone will be ruggedized, meaning it will likely be able to take a battery of dirt, wind, drops, and pressure.  This would mark the second ruggedized Android handset after Sprint’s push-to-talk i1 released last month.  Let’s just hope T-Mobile’s version is not a 1.5 device, too.


  1. Oh, goody, a CLIQ™ with ScotchGard™.

    Forget it. I like the hardware concept, but it’s not a “DROID™”, so it’s likely to have the same Motorola-style feature-reduced “MOTOBLUR™” treatment, plus lack of attention to updates (or even customer engagement – non-DROID owners are un-persons these days.).

    8 months and counting since the “CLIQ™ with MOTOBLUR™” was announced to get an update, a month and a half since Motorola missed their deadline and delayed the update indefinitely. No word from them since beyond a vague “We did some stuff to it and we’re testing it (still), we’ll release it someday.”

    I’ll wait for some other company to develop something like this.

  2. I just wish it wasn’t an Android handset. I’ve been trying to get my dad off Nextel for months, but the lack of a regular ruggedized device has kept him from coming over to T-Mobile. I might be able to convince him with this one…

  3. You seriously just came up with the best use case for this phone. I was thinking it would be good for outdoor activities, accidentally dropping, taking to a waterpark, giving to a small child to play with, etc. But now I must buy this phone simply so I can tweet from the bottom of a pool. Awesome. 🙂

  4. If they spec it right, it could be the droid for the outdoors-type, contractors, tradesmen, etc. These are the guys who tend to need tough tools for their trades, or are out in the elements. Bit of dust and rain, accidental drop into a puddle, take the bumps of a construction site… places where a delicate smartphone would fall apart at the mere thought of it.

    If they get the styling right, give it a good battery, and able to be operated with work gloves on, then I’m sold.