Twidroyd Adds Full TweetPhoto Support

Twidroyd (formerly Twidroid) is one of the most popular Twitter clients for Android. It’s full of usability and functionality. And it just got even better. TweetUp, Inc., makers of Twidroyd, announced Monday that the new version of their app will fully integrate the TweetPhoto service. This includes commenting, voting, and geo-tagging photos. So, if you like to share pictures with your Twitter friends, give Twidroyd a try (say that five times fast). You can find it in the Android Market by searching for “Twidroyd” or by scanning the QR code below.

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    I think Adroid is a good decision go for it……twitter is a best one to make more advertisement.

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    if you like to share pictures with your Twitter friends, give Twidroyd a try,its really fantastic.

  • Mykalai Kontilai

    would like to share pictures with twitter?…………..go ahead……….

  • Jeff Dachis

    Twidroyd is the industry-standard Twitter client for Android and among the most used Twitter applications across all platforms.Thanks for posting this informative article.

  • Eco Village

    Twidroyd also includes a fully integrated version of Twitlonger, which enables tweets more than 140 characters in length.thats sounds great

  • Bob Stubbs

    It is available as a free and a commercial pro version, both with functionality customized to the capabilities of Android devices.

  • Chevy avalanche parts

    This includes commenting, voting, and geo-tagging photos.Thanks its was really nice post